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Power Systems Mfg., LLC on Track for Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in Industrial Gas Turbines to 2 ppm Without Selective Catalytic Reduction

Published 12-10-03

Submitted by Calpine Corporation

JUPITER, FL -- Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM), a subsidiary of Calpine Corporation [NYSE:CPN], has made a major step forward toward achieving another industry first for reducing Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions from natural gas-fired industrial turbines. PSM's new technology is expected to lower NOx emissions to 2 parts per million (ppm) and CO emissions to 0 ppm for E- and F-class gas turbines. Equally impressive, PSM expects to set these new industry standards without the need for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) equipment. The company plans to announce final field-testing results in the first quarter of 2004. Upon the successful completion of the field validation program, PSM's 2 ppm NOx system will be available for commercial operation within the next 12-18 months.

PSM completed combustion testing of its Low Emissions Combustion (LEC) system with hydrogen in natural gas fuel in November 2003, using its high-pressure combustion rig. The test was performed at representative original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 7E-class engine conditions. Test results demonstrated significant emissions reductions with the addition of small quantities of hydrogen using PSM's patented fuel nozzle technology.

Earlier this year, PSM installed its LEC system into an OEM 7E-class gas turbine unit in Freeport, Texas. At final settings, the unit's baseload emissions were 4.75 ppm NOx and 0 ppm CO at a 2,055 degrees Fahrenheit firing temperature -- meeting PSM's design target of 5.0 ppm NOx and achieving an industry first for emissions control in an OEM 7E-class turbine. PSM is building on its LEC success by incorporating hydrogen-blended natural gas into its LEC systems to further reduce emissions. PSM's LEC performance results will vary depending upon specific site conditions.

"The test result is a significant milestone in PSM's continuing development of a cost effective LEC combustion system with a 2 ppm NOx capability. The new system is designed to to provide an alternative to SCR to lower emissions on natural gas-fired frame machines," said Dr. Peter Stuttaford, Combustion Manager of PSM.

"Our intent is to commercially field this technology to Calpine and our clients to avoid the expense of SCR and the associated environmental issues of ammonia slip and real estate requirements for SCR retrofits. It will also reduce operating costs and improve plant thermal efficiency," added Tom Churbuck, PSM's president.

Power Systems Mfg., LLC, based in Jupiter, Fla., is an industry leader in combustion turbine component engineering design and production. PSM manufactures new vanes, blades, combustors and other replacement parts for the industrial gas turbine industry. The company also offers a wide range of LEC systems and advanced airfoils designed to be transparently compatible for retrofitting or replacing existing combustion systems or components operating in General Electric and Siemens Westinghouse turbines.

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