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Agilent Releases First Environment and Social Responsibility Report

Published 05-07-01

Submitted by Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies announced that it has released its first-ever Environment and Social Responsibility Report providing detailed information on the company's environmental and social impact, and how it manages its worldwide operations.

The report, available on Agilent's web site at, is aimed at investors, customers, governments, non-governmental organizations, employees and others who are interested in or affected by the company's operations. It follows the revised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, introduced in June 2000 to establish comparable sustainability reporting standards around the world.

"To build a successful company for the long term we need to address the challenge of sustainable development. Protecting our natural environment and making a positive social impact are becoming an integral part of our business strategies," said Ned Barnholt, Agilent president and chief executive officer.

Flag Communication Ltd., a design and communications consultancy based in Cambridge, England, produced the report.

"Overall expectations about the role companies should play in addressing environmental and social issues continue to rise. Our report was designed to provide the information that our key stakeholders are requesting and expect to receive from us," said Agilent Environmental Manager Gail Brownell, who led the project.

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