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GlaxoSmithKline Reports On Global Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

GlaxoSmithKline Reports On Global Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

Published 03-26-04

Submitted by GSK

LONDON - GlaxoSmithKline [LSE: GSK] today reinforced its commitment to responsible management of ethical, social and environmental concerns and, in particular, to play a leading role in supporting healthcare in the developing world. The publication of GSK's "Corporate Responsibility Report 2003 - Making a difference every day” confirms progress in the diverse and extensive contribution the company is making to meet the needs of society across the globe.

Commenting on the publication of the report, JP Garnier, CEO said, "Corporate responsibility has particular resonance for the pharmaceutical sector. Our business is creating medicines and vaccines to treat and prevent disease - something that society needs and values. This report deals with important issues for our business and explains how we are addressing them. I am particularly proud of our global community investment which, through a variety of programmes targeting health and education, is assisting under-served communities in over 100 countries".

Community investment highlights from the year include:

Overall investment in global community activities valued at £338 million, equivalent to 5.3 per cent of pre-tax profit.

  • This compares with a global investment of £239 million in 2002, equivalent to 4.3 per cent of pre-tax profit, which was the largest amount donated to global good causes by any FTSE-100 company.

  • The £338 million investment includes donations of GSK medicines for international healthcare support efforts valued at £116 million, £97 million cash contributions for community programmes and initiatives, plus GSK medicines valued at £125 million donated for low income patients in the USA.

    Medicines valued at £116 million donated for international healthcare support efforts
  • There was a large increase in GSK's product donation programme for humanitarian relief efforts in 2003 compared to 2002. The bulk of products donated were antibiotics that have a significant impact in humanitarian situations where fighting infections is often the most critical healthcare need. In 2003, GSK donated medicines worth £105m to patients in over 80 countries. GSK medicines were among the first to be airlifted into Iraq following the conflict there. Other key humanitarian product donation programmes included supplying antibiotics after the devastating earthquake in Bam, Iran.

  • In addition, 94 million albendazole tablets, valued at £11 million, were donated to the World Health Organization's Global Program to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) elimination programme in 2003. At a meeting in Cairo, Egypt this week GSK announced that it had now donated a cumulative 250 million treatments of albendazole to assist the efforts of almost 40 countries. With such support, the LF elimination programme has become the fastest ramp up of a global public health programme in history. All 80 endemic countries hope to have started treatment by 2010 and the current forecast is that GSK will donate albendazole tablets valued at $1billion to help achieve the elimination of this disease by 2020

    £97 million invested in community health and education programmes and initiatives

  • Other community investment included £11.1 million for programmes in the UK. Ten UK charities each received an unrestricted award of £25,000 for their achievements in community health fields as diverse as sexual abuse, mental health, elderly day care and disability. Investment in science education included support for the UK government's specialist science schools programme and a Science in the Summer programme for US schoolchildren.

  • GSK’s worldwide community programmes continued to make progress in 2003. The Positive Action programme, which partners with community groups fighting HIV/AIDS to provide education, care and support, funded 38 initiatives in 34 countries during the year. Other initiatives to support communities affected by HIV/AIDS included a two-year grant of $1.6 million (£1 million) for two HIV/AIDS clinics in Malawi and Uganda, and over £500,000 in grants for HIV programmes in Africa provided by the GSK France Foundation.

    £125 million donated for US patient assistance programmes

  • A key aspect of GSK’s community investment is the support we provide to low income patients in the US through our patient assistance programmes (PAPs). Through PAPs, eligible low income US patients who are uninsured are provided access to medicines they need but cannot afford. In 2003 GSK launched new PAPs, Bridges to Access, and a special PAP for oncology products, Commitment to Access. These provided over 400,000 US patients with GSK medicines valued at £125 million last year. The eligibility criteria make GSK's patient assistance programmes among the most generous in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The figures for global community investment are published as part of GSK’s Corporate Responsibility Report, which describes the approach GSK is taking to managing key corporate responsibility areas. The areas covered include access to medicines in the developing world; research and development, including R&D into diseases of the developing world and ethical issues in R&D; developing our employees; supporting human rights; caring for the environment; and business ethics. A set of guiding Corporate Responsibility Principles, built on the GSK mission statement, support both quantitative 'metrics' and qualitative 'indicators' of progress, whilst relevant case studies highlight GSK's leadership approach.

    The report can be downloaded from the company's website at or is available on request from GSK.


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    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. GSK has a comprehensive global programme of community partnerships focused on improving health and education. In the UK, GSK supports over 70 charitable organizations in health, science education, the arts and the environment.

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