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Storebrand SRI Outperforms In 2003

Published 01-29-04

Submitted by Storebrand

LONDON, UK and OSLO, NORWAY - Storebrand has delivered good news to investors concerned about maximising returns who also have any eye to pursuing a socially responsible strategy. In the final quarter of 2003 the flagship Storebrand Principle Global Fund outperformed the MSCI World Index by 0.5%. This came off the back of a year in which the Fund outperformed the World Index by over 1% (Fund 11.8%, Index 10.7%).

The Fund only invests in those companies which rank in the top third of their global peer group according to Storebrand’s environmental and social performance criteria.

Head of Storebrand’s UK office, Stephen Williams, commented “Storebrand has successfully delivered a Triple Return – financial, environmental and social - to our investors in 2003. This lends weight to the contention that there is no necessary sacrifice of investment performance from investing according to socially responsible principles”.

The Fund is built on the foundation of a model portfolio consisting entirely of top ranking global companies which demonstrate superior environmental management and social responsibility. The model portfolio is designed to track the MSCI World Index.

Storebrand’s fund managers build on the model portfolio securing outperformance from accurate timing of a switch to IT stocks and strong selection of Industrial and Financial stocks. Underweighting the US, where returns to European investors were depressed by dollar weakness, also added value to the Fund’s performance.

Chief Investment Officer (Global Equities) Bernt SagÃ¥rd, who manages the Storebrand Principle Global Fund, remarked “The model portfolio approach allows fund managers to exercise their investment skill in a controlled environment. This has strong appeal for investors concerned about responsible investment management and socially responsible corporate behaviour”.

Storebrand has also calculated an Environmental Return and a Social Return for investors in the Principle Global Fund. These both indicate a clear environmental and social benefit from investing in socially responsible leaders.


About Storebrand
Storebrand is one of Norway’s largest private investors with a history dating back to 1767. Beyond investment management Storebrand Group includes a life assurance company and a bank. Storebrand Investments has approximately Euro 20 billion in assets under management.

Storeband International Investment Fund
The Storebrand Principle Global Fund belongs to the Storebrand Principle Funds family which also includes Storebrand Principle European Fund and the Storebrand Principle European Bond Fund. These are sub-funds of the Storebrand International Investment Fund, which is a funds commun de placement, registered in Luxembourg.

Investment Returns
Investment returns of the Storebrand Principle Global Fund are calculated in Euro reflecting the Fund’s Luxembourg registration.

Triple Return
The Storebrand Principle Funds aim to deliver a Triple Return to investors. In the interests of transparency Storebrand measures and reports the Triple Return to investors. The Financial Return is competitive investment performance from companies with the most compelling business model and financial credibility. The Environmental Return comes from selecting companies judged as having superior environmental management policies and practices to match that commitment. The Social Return is generated by selecting companies with progressive attitudes toward their business and its stakeholders.

More details about the Environmental Return and the Social Return of the Storebrand Principle Funds are available on request.



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