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Texas Ad Agency EnviroMedia Takes a Stand Against Mass Consumption; Public Health, Environmental Niche Nets Dramatic Results for Clients

Published 02-18-02

Submitted by EnviroMedia Inc.

Making the world a better place, one dirty rotten habit at a time. That's the mantra of Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia Inc., an Austin, Texas, agency which for the past five years has carved a niche applying classic advertising methods to less-than-glamorous issues like litter, dirty air and the ravages of tobacco use.

"We may not be producing any Super Bowl ads any time soon, but we're more than happy we've established a viable advertising agency that helps improve quality of life rather than pushing more stuff people don't need," said EnviroMedia co-founder Kevin Tuerff.

EnviroMedia marks its fifth year in business with the debut of a new Web site ( just one week after it was announced at the World Economic Forum that the United States received a mid-level ranking for environmental health among 142 countries.

"Our country's track record in the areas of waste reduction and controlling greenhouse gases were two of the reasons for the mediocre showing of the U.S. in that study," said Valerie Davis, the other EnviroMedia co-founder. "What does that mean to the world of advertising? We can do our part by seeking out the 'white hat' clients of the world whose products or causes help, not hinder, improvements in the areas of public health and the environment."

EnviroMedia's client roll includes the famous "Don't Mess with Texas" litter prevention campaign, which just last month announced a 52 percent reduction in roadside litter. Additionally, EnviroMedia's "Tobacco is Foul" campaign has helped net a 40 percent reduction in youth smoking, and its "insure-a-kid" campaign has helped enroll 94 percent of the eligible children in Central Texas in affordable health insurance programs.

In March, EnviroMedia will be launching campaigns educating Dallas residents about the city's new water conservation ordinance, and informing citizens in Houston and Dallas about a new vehicle inspection program to reduce tailpipe emissions.

"Our niche has never limited EnviroMedia's growth at all," said Davis. "You pick up a newspaper on any given day and you're going to see something on the environment or public health."

Adds Tuerff, "And who knows. Maybe one day in the next five years we will be producing a Super Bowl ad that pushes cool stuff we do need, like ultra-fuel efficient vehicles."

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EnviroMedia is the nation's only full-service public relations and advertising agency dedicated solely to improving public health and the environment. The company services socially responsible clients by developing strategic solutions to enhance the quality of life and the economy.

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