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Large Scale Biology Corporation Announces Human Full-Length Gene Collection

Large Scale Biology Corporation Announces Human Full-Length Gene Collection

Published 03-11-02

Submitted by Large Scale Biology Corporation

Large Scale Biology Corporation (Nasdaq:LSBC) today announced its successful discovery and collection of more than 16,000 distinct human full-length cDNA clones (FLcDNA). Known as the LSBC(TM) Human Transcript Collection, it contains previously undiscovered, rare transcripts that do not exist in the public human full-length gene collection. LSBC continues to expand the collection rapidly, adding thousands of new and unique FLcDNAs each month.

LSBC expects to commercialize its FLcDNA collection through a number of channels, according to John D. Fowler, LSBC's President. "In addition to using it for our internal programs for the discovery of novel protein therapeutics and biomarkers, we also are offering access to potential collaboration partners for other drug and biomarker efforts," said Mr. Fowler. "We plan to offer the collection to the global research market through one or more distribution partners."

Scientific details will be announced tomorrow in Seattle at the Transcriptome 2002 conference by LSBC's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. N. Leigh Anderson. "By integrating our proprietary genomics and proteomics technology platforms, we are able to create a focused shortcut to drug discovery," Dr. Anderson said. "This full-length gene collection allows LSBC to express a large number of otherwise unavailable proteins. We believe having the largest collection of human full-length genes opens major opportunities for the generation of novel proteins and associated antibodies needed for array platforms and the testing of therapeutic leads."

LSBC Chairman and CEO Robert L. Erwin hailed the work as "an important scientific advance with significant commercial promise." Supported by the Company's LSIMS(TM) automated laboratory information management system, applications of the LSBC Human Transcript Collection are being developed at all three corporate laboratory locations in Vacaville, California; Germantown, Maryland; and Owensboro, Kentucky. "Using our integrated process, we believe LSBC scientists have achieved unprecedented practicality in terms of applying gene expression and protein expression data to therapeutic and diagnostic product development," Mr. Erwin said. "We have the capability of discovering untold numbers of important novel genes and proteins, shortening the development time of new medicines and refining drug targets."

About Large Scale Biology Corporation

Large Scale Biology uses its proteomics, functional genomics and biomanufacturing technologies to develop and manufacture personalized drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for rapid identification and effective treatment of disease. Corporate offices and the Genomics operations are headquartered in Vacaville, California; the Company's Proteomics operations are located in Germantown, Maryland; and the Company's bioprocessing and manufacturing facilities are located in Owensboro, Kentucky. For more information about Large Scale Biology Corporation, visit the Company's website at

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Note to Editors: LSBC(TM) and LSIMS(TM) are trademarks of Large Scale Biology Corporation.

Large Scale Biology Corporation

Large Scale Biology Corporation

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