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What Brings Us Together: Have We Reached a Critical Turning Point?

What Brings Us Together: Have We Reached a Critical Turning Point?

Published 03-19-02

Submitted by In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program

Fund For Global Awakening (FFGA), a California-based not-for-profit organization, announces the release of a groundbreaking research study of American values, attitudes and beliefs: the In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program (IOOW 2000). This large-scale, landmark research suggests many ways in which our society may be approaching a turning point in its development. An ever-increasing proportion of the population is embracing a more encompassing understanding of themselves, a deeper spiritual awareness, a universal connectedness, and a belief in working toward a greater common good.

"America is a society whose strength is based in part on the hopes and aspirations that arise from a longing for enlightenment and compassion," notes FFGA Director Alex Kochkin. "What choices will Americans make to tap our enormous potential? The IOOW 2000 results provide a very reliable and realistic picture of America today - and where we may be heading next."

The information gathered in the IOOW 2000 Research ? the result of two years of intensive work carried out by an accomplished professional research team ? demonstrates a profound sense of connection that is shared by a diverse population of Americans. The immediate and practical benefits derived from these findings include well-defined ways to reach people based on positive values and attitudes not available through other research systems or through conventional communications strategies. Its analysis of eight American types offers startling insight into our society:

·Embracing Traditional Values
·Cautious and Conservative
·Disengaged from Social Concerns
·Persisting through Adversity
·Connecting through Self-Exploration
·Seeking Community Transformation
·Working for a New Life of Wholeness
·Centered in a Material World

(A typology system measures multiple traits - values, beliefs and motivations - and determines to what extent they exist within a population. Typologies assume that these traits are relatively consistent, change very slowly over time, and form attitudes and lifestyles that drive behavior. The goal of a typology is not to pigeonhole people, but to help us understand key differences and commonalities among types.)

Applying this typology, IOOW 2000 Research examines key values, attitudes and beliefs concerning forgiveness and tolerance, ethics and leadership, compassion and service, expectations for the next decade, technology, media, healthcare, and other vital contemporary concerns. The study identifies many key issues of strategic importance to American society and to individuals in positions of leadership. The insights derived from the IOOW typology are of great value in developing communications and positioning strategy.

IOOW 2000 Research demonstrates ways to reach a robust group of individuals seeking a positive, compassionate and enlightened future embodying new ways of transcending conflict and retribution. Now more than ever, these core values need to be supported and brought to the forefront of our awareness. The sponsors of this study hope that many U.S. organizations and policy-making bodies will be guided by the inspiring insights of the American public that are given voice in this study.

Fund For Global Awakening ( is a public charitable non-profit organization based in Marin County, California, and is not limited or influenced by any religious beliefs, political or economic interests.

In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program

In Our Own Words 2000 Research Program

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