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The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics Presents Laureate Awards to Whitehead, Cadbury And Robert

The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics Presents Laureate Awards to Whitehead, Cadbury And Robert

Published 06-02-05

Submitted by KPMG

NEW YORK - Two business executives and a scientist were honored by The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics at a gala event at the United Nations for their exemplary achievements in leadership, corporate governance and social responsibility.

As the 2005 inaugural winners of The Global Center's Laureate Award & Medal Series, John C. Whitehead (United States), Adrian Cadbury (United Kingdom), and Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert (Sweden) were recognized as "beacons of responsible business practices and ethics," said William W. George, chairman of The Global Center. "We are pleased to recognize these esteemed individuals for their contributions to the advancement of leadership and ethics in business."

Whitehead received The Laureate Award, while Cadbury and Robert received the Laureate Medals for Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, respectively.

Awards at this event were presented by several board members of The Global Center. The winners received a solid gold medal, provided in a monogrammed blue leather box, and a reproduction of an original piece of art, inspired by the awards given to Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. The Global Center board members include George, Dr. Reatha Clark King, Arthur Levitt, Jr., Lord David Simon and Dr. Helmut Sohmen.

The Laureate Award: John C. Whitehead
John C. Whitehead, 83, is chairman of the Goldman Sachs Foundation and former chairman of Goldman, Sachs & Co. He has chaired the prestigious Lower Manhattan Development Corporation since 2001.

"I've received many honors in my lifetime, but nothing has been more important than the honor I'm receiving tonight," said Whitehead, who has enjoyed an illustrious career in both public service and private industry, and is widely recognized as a pioneer in the advancement of corporate social responsibility issues. "There are many in business today who are more deserving than I am, but I'm glad to represent all of us in business who are active in leading responsibly."

The Corporate Governance Laureate Medal: Adrian Cadbury Adrian Cadbury, 76, served as chairman of Cadbury Ltd. from 1969 and Cadbury Schweppes from 1975-1989. He also chaired the U.K. Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance, which published its seminal "Report and Code of Best Practice" in 1992.

"I've always been interested in chairmanships and boards of directors - how they work and how they could work better," said Cadbury, who has been at the forefront of corporate governance for a quarter-century. "Now there is far more information available and people can ask questions about how businesses are governed and how they are run. We've come such a long way."

The Social Responsibility Laureate Medal: Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, M.D., Ph.D., 57, is being honored for his work on sustainability, which encourages an understanding of the relation between ecology, economy and technology.

"Rather than having a company ask itself, 'Do we contribute to this or that environmental impact?' a company should ask, 'What would our organization look like if it were sustainable at all levels down to its most basic operations?'" said Dr. Robert, one of Sweden's foremost cancer scientists and founder of The Natural Step, a Swedish-based environmental organization. "This paradigm shift allows much more creativity and innovation, much smarter approaches. And these approaches comply with the full scope of sustainability and not solving one problem by creating another."

The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics
Inspired by the principles and guidelines of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and the Nobel Prizes, KPMG International created The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics in 2004 as an independent entity to recognize individuals who exhibit extraordinary business ethics and leadership qualities. The Global Center manages and administers the nomination process for The Laureate Award & Medal Series. Its policies and processes are modeled on those of Nobel.

"The Global Center was established to honor outstanding personal behavior and responsible business leadership, values that are ingrained in our own culture," said Mike Rake, chairman of KPMG International. "By recognizing leaders who reflect the very best attributes of accomplishment and innovation, we hope to continue to raise awareness of the importance of the principles of leadership, integrity, and ethics in business."

Subsequent to a call for nominations, The Global Center concluded the selection process for The Laureate Award and Medal Series in January 2005. As part of the call, 9,000 nominations for The Laureate Medal & Award Series were issued globally, and responses were received from more than 15 countries.

"The Global Center was founded on the conviction that leaders are defined by their actions and that those individuals who exhibit exemplary business ethics should be recognized and honored," said Gene O'Kelly, chairman of KPMG LLP, the U.S. firm. "It can be an invaluable resource in providing leading examples of best practices, providing young professionals and students with insights and information on leadership and ethics."

The call for nominations for the 2006 Laureate Award & Medal Series will be issued by The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics in July 2005 to senior corporate executives and audit committee chairs, business school deans and academic leaders, professional associations, legislators, regulatory agencies, and economists.

Nobel Peace Center
KPMG International is also The Global Founding Partner and a corporate member on the board of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, which is scheduled to open on June 11, 2005. The Nobel Peace Center is a worldwide resource for public information and discussion about the topics of war and peace and conflict resolution, as well as a global forum in which to present the work of Alfred Nobel and the Nobel system, the Peace Prize Laureates, and the Nobel Committee. There are plans for a Nobel-KPMG symposium on Leadership and Business Ethics during Nobel Week in Oslo, Norway, in December 2005.

"KPMG's participation as The Nobel Peace Center's Global Founding Partner underscores our belief that all individuals and businesses must strive to contribute to the well-being of their communities," said Rake.

About The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics
Headquartered in New York, The Global Center for Leadership and Business Ethics was established by KPMG International, the global network of professional services firms, in 2004. An independent body established to recognize those individuals and organizations that exhibit extraordinary business ethics and leadership qualities, The Global Center manages and administers the nomination process for The Laureate Award & Medal Series. Its policies and processes are modeled on those of Nobel.

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