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Baxter Testifies Before Congress About Business Benefits of Climate Change Initiatives

Baxter Testifies Before Congress About Business Benefits of Climate Change Initiatives

Published 06-08-05

Submitted by Baxter International Inc.

WASHINGTON, D.C.,- In testimony provided today to the Science Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX) emphasized that environmental issues such as climate change can be addressed by corporations in a manner that is both responsible and economically beneficial.

Ron Meissen, senior director of worldwide EHS resources at Baxter, shared with the Committee examples of how Baxter is proactively addressing environmental issues by driving greater operating efficiencies, adopting new technologies and collaborating through public and private partnerships. Such initiatives have helped the company achieve:

  • A 35 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1996 through 2004 per unit of production; and
  • A 22 percent improvement in energy efficiency per unit of production during this same period.

    Also, the company estimates that the investments it has made over the last six years yielded $80 million in savings and cost avoidance in 2004, with $9 million of that from energy savings alone.

    "The benefits go far beyond cost avoidance and energy or raw material savings," Meissen said. "Many of the initiatives we have put in place have yielded higher quality levels, greater production output and flexibility, reduced waste, as well as improvements in workplace safety."

    Baxter has been recognized as a leader in environmental management and reporting and climate change for more than a decade. In the mid-1990s, Baxter began publicly reporting information regarding energy use, cost and associated greenhouse gas emissions, and was the first company to publish an environmental financial statement to demonstrate the linkage to the company's bottom-line. Baxter also has pioneered a Lean and Clean approach by applying Lean manufacturing disciplines to the company's environmental processes as well as applying environmental insights to its manufacturing operations. Not only has this effort reduced waste and improved efficiency, it has revealed numerous opportunities for environmental improvement.

    With many countries addressing climate change through actions like climate taxes on energy and mandatory greenhouse gas emission caps, global companies like Baxter are already implementing programs to reduce their energy use and emissions across their operations, Meissen emphasized. He added that doing so is essential to remaining competitive on a global basis.

    A copy of Meissen's full testimony is available on

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