July 06, 2020

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International Award of Excellence

Submitted by: Cypher International Ltd.

Categories: Environment

Posted: Jul 16, 2002 – 12:00 AM EST


Awards Announcement

Jul. 16 /CSRwire/ - WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Finally the road building, construction, agriculture & environmental infrastructure industry has received the exceptional world recognition that has evaded it for so long. Cypher Internatonal Ltd. And it's president have now provided global certification and recognition to the industry worldwide. Having an international "fellowship" bestowed upon the president of Cypher as well as the highly prestigious honor of the "award of excellence" being granted will firmly provide this industry with unparalleled world recognition as well as irrefutable credibility, pride and respect for the entire spectrum of infrastructure development in which Cypher is involved.

An excerpt from one of many articles written on this subject appears below and this subject is very important to the entire Infrastructure industry which is the largest business in the world representing 10% of the gross domestic product of most countries. Interviews, Photos, Documentation and all other information may be requested by contacting Cypher International Ltd., 391 Campbell Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 1B6, Canada - Phone: 204 489-1214, Fax: 204 489-7372, E-mail: admin@cypherltd.com and the web site is www.cypherltd.com


The Marketing Challenge Volume 5, Issue 1

First Ever James H. Jarrett Award of Excellence in Global Marketing Bestowed Upon Norm Burns, President/CEO of Cypher International Ltd.

In honor of the founder of this renowned instititute, James H. Jarrett, F.C.Inst.M. and members who excel in the professional discipline of marketing at the world level, the institute has inaugurated the highly prestigious James H. Jarrett Award of Excellence by presenting it to Norm Burns, F.C.Inst.M. of Cypher International Ltd. Cypher is a multinational corporate group dedicated to the development of Global Environmental Solutions and Infrastructure Development.

Burns and Cypher have taken the meaning of Infrastructure renewal and long-term tax payer investment in roads and other Infrastructure developments to new levels of awareness and hope for many countries throughout the globe. Several environmentally sensitive technologies developed by Cypher are now at work improving roads, agriculture, soil erosion, dust control, waste materials recycling, dams and dikes, waste ponds, low cost housing and numerous other valuable infrastructure solutions. Cypher successfully provides these solutions at one fifth the cost of traditional methods with little or no future maintenance or expense. The marketing plan developed by Burns and the superior quality of Cypher’s technologies has worked together to enable Cypher to penetrate global markets on a broad scale. Burns’ promotion of EarthZyme (a biophysical formulation of enzymes able to encapsulate soil materials and create water impervious environments as well as increasing molecular bonding between inorganic compounds in soils) offers an environmentally friendly and vastly superior alternative to the limited life-span expensive materials and toxic products currently used in many applications today. Burns’ web site at www.cypherltd.com is a must see and it is constantly evolving to the benefit of all peoples using and paying for infrastructure as well as governments creating environmental legislation and the industry at large. Environmental Infrastructure is here today and the above web site serves to educate and advance the thinking of everyone involved in such endeavors. These prestigious awards prove the importance of this global industry.

For more information, please contact:

Norm Burns Cypher International Ltd.
Phone: (204) 489-1214


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