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Environmental Infrastucture - The Largest Industry in the World Today Announcement - "Waste Materials Recycling"

Submitted by: Cypher International Ltd.

Categories: Environment

Posted: Apr 29, 2002 – 12:00 AM EST


Apr. 29 /CSRwire/ - WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Infrastructure is by far the largest business in the world today amounting to 10% of the gross domestic product of all nations. What is even more significant is the urgent need to develop this Infrastructure in an environmentally friendly manner. Environment in itself is a one trillion U.S. dollar a year industry growing at a rate now estimated at 20% per annum. That is a mere fraction of the Infrastructure business worldwide. Cypher International Ltd. is the originator of the concept of "Environmental Infrastructure". Every product and technology developed and marketed by Cypher International Ltd. adheres to an overriding principle of strict environmental ethics. It is of great interest to the world in general that there is now a method that guarantees that all new construction and rehabilitation is governed by absolute environmental and highly advanced procedures that are benefiting mankind rather than accelerating its destruction through the use of current accepted infrastructure building procedures. Current methods are continuous liabilities rather than using Cypher’s proven methods of construction that are long term, easy to apply, assure massive debt reduction by vastly lower costs, require little or no maintenance, are environmentally friendly and therefore become cash assets to all astute users of Cypher’s products that yield significantly better results in every area. The population deserves this new technology and the state of our planet is in critical need of it. Cypher has the environmental solution and the world must start implementing it now to satisfy current critical needs that affect us today.

EarthZyme is the key ingredient that affords the developers of today’s infrastructure a means to provide an economical long lasting solution to these problems. EarthZyme is basically an enzyme formula or biophysical solution that in reality is a trillion living cells in a complex organic formula that creates molecular bonding when properly mixed with various earth materials or in-situ soils. The results are absolutely spectacular and they solve problems that before now were extremely serious and very costly in both an economic and environmental sense.

EarthZyme now allows developers a vastly superior and environmental method of building roads, all farm foundations, dams, dikes, canals, parking lots, sub bases, ponds, waste lagoons, agricultural pads, landing strips, landfill liners and seals, erosion barriers, fill and seals for depleted oil wells and mines, logging and mining roads, water impervious soil bonds, landscaping and much more. Cypher International Ltd. is also the manufacturer of the new EarthBlocks machine which has now allowed structures to be built using on site native soils wherever the project happens to be. EarthZyme is added to the soil to stabilize it and the molecular catalytic action of EarthZyme bonds the soil after compression into various sizes of perfect structural blocks. The resulting EarthBlocks can be immediately used for the rapid development of low cost housing, shelters, barns, sheds, patios, walkways, fences, pens, farm buildings of every description, industrial buildings, equipment storage and much more. EarthBlocks and EarthZyme are the ideal solution in disaster relief situations that are all too prevalent these days. The EarthBlocks are built using the soil available right at the project site so the raw material cost is zero but the EarthBlocks stabilized with EarthZyme are strong, resistant to almost everything, easy and fast to produce and the EarthBlocks machines are portable and can get to any job site with absolute ease. One EarthBlocks machine can produce four blocks per minute and they can be used immediately with or without mortar or stored and cured for future use.

The many uses of EarthZyme are beyond expansive since one’s imagination is the only limiting factor to the exponential number of uses of this new technological solution. Many of the applications of EarthZyme and EarthBlocks are fully illustrated on the Cypher web site at www.cypherltd.com and by studying this expert site one finds that the mind does take over when considering Environmental Infrastructure. The historically sought after solution is now highly evident. Cypher International Ltd. is widely known as the company that is "Changing The Face Of Agriculture As The World Knows It Today". Through the use of Cypher’s products and technologies the small family farm can now compete with the large corporate industrial farms that are slowly forcing the family farms into extinction. Cypher now allows the small farmer to compete through the advantage of much lower costs, better infrastructure, less maintenance, increased profits and much more. The agricultural operations using Cypher’s Environmental Infrastructure products will also now meet the stringent environmental regulations being forced on them throughout the world and at costs that were unattainable until now.

On a cost to value ratio, Cypher has no equal. Cypher IS Environmental Infrastructure and everyone gains from it. A new interactive CD has just been produced by Cypher highlighting the many advances in sustainable development of innovative and emerging technologies for new construction and rehabilitation. Cypher’s technologies are the pinnacle of Environmental Infrastructure and the new CD fully discusses and describes this in video and explanatory narrative and it is available through the www.cypherltd.com web site. See the Cypher web site for the just announced WASTE MATERIALS RECYCLING division which sets Cypher strategically above any other company in this industry. This new solution to a major world problem is of immeasurable importance and Cypher has it. The universe urgently needs this technology. It is here today and the entire world benefits from it on a long term basis in many valuable ways.

For more information, please contact:

Norm Burns Cypher International Ltd.
Phone: (204) 489-1214


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