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Supplier of Work Clothing and Lab and Shop Wear to Schools Announces Low Price Programs to Stretch Budgets

Published 07-08-02

Submitted by Cy's Work Clothes

Troy, Mich. - Cy's Work Clothes announced today a new cost saving program for schools and other organizations in need of lab, shop and specialty work wear.

The new program bundles essential items like lab and shop coats, coveralls, and work shirts and pants into below wholesale purchase plans. Choices and combinations of available sizes and colors are always left to the buyer with no pre-pack restrictions.

With minimum orders ranging from $60-$100, the budget-stretching program encourages teachers and shop facilitators to purchase only what they need when they need it.

"The timing is right to do something about the budget squeeze so many schools around the country are facing," said Cyril Feldman, president and CEO of Cy's Work Clothes. "The new program is our way of getting the word out about how important it is to keep every classroom, lab and worksite going with the essential clothing items they need."

A long-time supplier to schools and jobsites, Cy's Work Clothes is well positioned to deliver workaday items at economical prices. "I consider Cy's Work Clothes a real alternative to the huge buy-in-bulk suppliers," said George Tromer, Purchasing Agent, New York City Vocational Training Center. "In schools and other large organizations there is a tremendous risk of waste -- simply by buying or paying too much. Our partnership with Cy's Work Clothes reduces this risk significantly."

Customers are also offered the option of purchasing laundered, pressed, and folded recycled items to stretch their budgets even further.

Sample prices and cost savings:

All new, made in USA coveralls, lab and shop coats

· Coveralls, long sleeve, assorted colors, poly/cotton or 100% cotton @ $16.00, 6 @ $90.00
· Coveralls, short sleeve, assorted colors (w/emblems) @ $10.00
· Lab and Shop Coats, assorted colors @ $15.00, 6 @ $84.00

Laundered, pressed, and folded recycled items

· Shop Coats and Lab Coats, A-1 excellent condition, assorted colors chest sizes 36-62 @ $11.00 6 @ $60.00
· Shop Coats and Lab Coats, good condition, assorted colors chest sizes 36-54 @ $8.00, 6 @ $42.00

About Cy's Work Clothes

With corporate offices in Troy, Michigan, Cy's Work Clothes has provided services related to delivering essential clothing items for more than 50 years. A supplier to schools, corporations, individuals, and jobsites of every kind, Cy's Work Clothes encourages eco-sustainable packaging and laundering processes and the use of recycled clothing items.

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Cy's Work Clothes

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