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Privacy Policy Launches The Progressive Investor By Naming The Top 20 All-Star Green Stock Picks

Published 08-01-02

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NEW YORK, New York - To serve the rapidly expanding worldwide sustainable investment community, announces this year s Top 20 All-Star Sustainable Stock Picks, known as the SB 20. The list is presented in The Progressive Investor, a new monthly newsletter that tracks this emerging marketplace.

Each issue of the newsletter compares and contrasts the views of world-class social/environmental investment analysts to help investors, advisors, and analysts compare notes and filter the hype associated with investing in sustainable business sectors such as fuel cells, renewable energy and organic foods.

The SB 20 companies are the very top "green gems" - companies every environmentally conscious investor will want in their portfolio. Each company is outstanding financially and in their exceptional commitment to sustainability. "Some of the names on the SB 20 will surprise even the most savvy investor," according to Rona Fried, Ph.D., editor of The Progressive Investor. Most would expect the names on this list to be small, relatively unknown companies, but that isn t the case. "Some are well-known global giants like Electrolux and others are up- and- comers that are turning heads, like Horizon Organic," Fried says.

Conclusive research shows that companies that outperform on the environment, outperform financially. But too often, the "green" business sector remains a mystery to many of today s investment information sources. Creating the SB 20 and The Progressive Investor to follow the companies and news on an on-going basis will showcase and reward companies that are well-positioned as investments.

"This could be a once in a lifetime chance to invest in companies that are changing the world for the better," says Carsten Henningsen, co-founder of Portfolio 21 mutual fund, the first U.S. fund that invests only in sustainable businesses. "But, as we ve learned from the Internet bubble, it s tricky to say the least." Some of these companies could very well be the next Microsoft, Dell Computer or Cisco Systems indeed, the clean technology era we are entering is often compared in scale to the rise of the telecommunications industry in the early 1980s. This is a gigantic opportunity and is the next huge wave of innovation, of investment opportunity, of business creativity

To build a portfolio that includes these stocks, Eric Becker of Trillium Asset Management emphasizes diversification." Although many of these companies are very appealing socially and environmentally, they are volatile," said Becker.

Patrick McVeigh of Lowell, Blake & Associates believes certain themes are important to include in a sustainable portfolio, such as energy and public health. "More money will be spent on public health in the future whether there's economic growth or not," he states.

The SB 20 List
AstroPower (APWR)
Axfood (AXFO)
Ballard Power Systems (BLDP)
Chiquita (CQB)
Electrolux (ELUX)
FuelCell Energy (FCEL)
Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR)
Henkel (HNKG.BE )
Herman Miller (MLHR)
Horizon Organic Dairy (HCOW)
JM Inc. (JM.ST)
Kyocera (KYO)
NEG Micon (Neg.CO)
STMicroelectronics (STM)
Swiss Re (SWX: RUKN)
Tomra Systems (TMRAY)
United Natural (UNFI)
Vestas (VWS.CO)
Whole Foods (WFMI).
The Progressive Investor is a monthly financial newsletter available by subscription. Each issue draws on a group of world-class sustainable investment analysts for their insights and opinions on viable investments in the "green" business sector.

Contributing analysts and advisors include:
Carsten Henningsen, co-founder and principal, Portfolio 21 mutual fund;
Channing Page, VP & Equity Research Analyst, Winslow Management;
Eric Prouty, Principle & Sr. Energy Technology Analyst, Adam, Harkness & Hill;
Patrick McVeigh, VP, Investment Research, Lowell, Blake and Associates;
Eric Becker, VP & Portfolio Mgr., Trillium Asset Management; and others.
The Editor is Rona Fried, Ph.D., CEO of and publisher of Sustainable Business Insider. For more information, visit logo

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