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It's Official: PvH Communications Begins Work on "A Message to Help Clear the Air"

Published 08-02-02

Submitted by PvH Communications

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado - After extensive research, long-time technical writer Phil von Hake of Denver has joined the fight for a more Sustainable future. With the launch of PvH Communications, von Hake is providing communications consulting for Sustainability issues, thus creating "a message to help clear the air."

One of the ultimate goals of Sustainable Development and Sustainability is a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, thus "clearing the air" environmentally. While this is an essential goal for humanity to reach, the discussions surrounding it inevitably create a mess of widely conflicting opinions, "facts," and courses of action. So there is also a need to "clear the air" conversationally. With extensive experience in creating quality communication products, and a commitment to a more Sustainable future, it is the goal of Phil von Hake and PvH Communications to create "a message to help clear the air."

"Sustainability" can also be defined through the following specific issues:

· Energy (efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy)
· Transportation (alternatives to 1-passenger cars)
· Land Use (New Urbanism & Preserving Wilderness)
· Waste Management ("Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle")
· Water Issues (long a major issue in the Western USA, and destined to become only more important)

While additional Sustainability issues exist, these are the ones that PvH Communications has decided to emphasize. If you are involved in any of these issues, then you probably need to get your message out to more of the world. And if you need help with this message, then you definitely need to be working with PvH Communications, especially if you want to have it become "a message to help clear the air!"

If you have a need for technical documentation, new marketing materials, a new or updated website, or any other communications-related projects, then PvH Communications will be there for you.

PvH Communications

PvH Communications

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