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Founder of World Economic Forum Wins Dan David Prize - For Encouraging Peace and Social Responsibility

Published 02-18-04

Submitted by World Economic Forum

Geneva, Switzerland - Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has been awarded the Dan David Prize for his achievements in developing the World Economic Forum into an organization that works for peace and brings corporate leaders together to foster social responsibility.

Professor Schwab was particularly singled out for his work with the World Economic Forum, "for harnessing it and corporate leaders to projects for social responsibility and international peace and stability."

Each year three prizes are awarded to persons or institutions that cultivate the past, influence the present or prepare for the future. Each brings with it a prize of one million dollars. Professor Schwab received the prize for his accomplishments with the World Economic Forum over the past 33 years.

Commenting on the prize, Professor Schwab said, "This prize is a recognition of all the great work done by the World Economic Forum and by all those who have worked with it both now and in the past, and honours the Forum's members and constituents. The World Economic Forum is first and foremost a community of business, political, intellectual and other leaders of society who want to improve the state of the world. I will use the funds related to the prize to support specific Forum initiatives in the fields of peace-making and reconciliation."

The two other prizes awarded by the Dan David Foundation this year go to the three cities of Jerusalem, Istanbul and Rome for their efforts "to keep their pasts alive" and to three scientists who advanced neurobiology using the human visual system. The three revolutionized neurobiology, the foundation said, by developing a new understanding of how the human visual system processes images and relates them to perception and behaviour.

The prize is named after the Romanian-born inventor who developed and marketed photographic technologies including automatic photo booths commonly found in malls and arcades. The three one million dollar prizes come from the 100 million dollar endowment of the Dan David Foundation which is administered by Tel Aviv University.


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