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The Forum for Corporate Conscience Convened in Charlotte March 14-16 at the Ballantyne Resort

The Forum for Corporate Conscience Convened in Charlotte March 14-16 at the Ballantyne Resort

Published 03-18-03

Submitted by Tribble Creative Group

Charlotte, NC - More than 150 CEOs, thought-leaders, strategists and advocates from across the country gathered in Charlotte for The Forum for Corporate Conscience. Their mission was to discuss corporate ethics, responsibility and their organization's role as a catalyst for positive change.

The Forum for Corporate Conscience closed with the release of "Collective Intentions" and a "white paper" including detailed proceedings and the CEO delegates' commitment to operate their companies in a socially responsible way. The delegates crafted "Collective Intentions" for six areas: economics, leadership, justice, environment, community and family.

"With leadership comes the power to change and we recruited the best of the best to engage CEOs in discussion and action," says Hugh L. McColl, Forum chairman and former Bank of America CEO. "This is an opportunity for some of the most powerful individuals in the nation to create a new set of standards for corporate America."

The weekend summit, moderated by former presidential advisor David Gergen, featured such luminaries as financier Warren Buffett, acclaimed novelist and social commentator Tom Wolfe and children's rights advocate Marian Wright Edelman.

The Forum was designed to challenge corporate leaders to redefine their perceptions of the corporations' responsibilities by looking at the 'triple bottom line' or the three pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social responsibility. "This approach is integral to corporate survival, as the past year of a seemingly endless string of corporate scandals proved," says Hugh L. McColl.

McColl says the idea central to The Forum for Corporate Conscience is to promote conversation that a truly sustainable company must be managed in the context of the world, the nation within that world and the community within that nation.

Conference proceedings and "Collective Intentions" were published and issued as part of the "white paper" on Sunday, March 16, 2003, at the close of the conference. The 'white paper' will be shared with corporations and their communities and is posted to The Forum for Corporate Conscience website.

Business schools of six major southeastern universities - Queens University, Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Clemson University, the University of South Carolina and Wake Forest University prepared research for the dialogue at the conference and content for the 'white paper'.

The idea for The Forum for Corporate Conscience took shape in 2001 before a series of high-profile corporate scandals sent consumer and shareholder confidence plummeting. An advisory board of 22 business leaders from leading corporations guided the conference. Mary Tribble of Tribble Creative Group managed the conference. Chris William, host of the PBS television show Carolina Business Review and an executive at Wachovia Securities, hosted the conference.

For more information visit The Forum for Corporate Conscience website at

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