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EVS-20 Technical Program Announced

Published 06-10-03

Submitted by Electric Drive Transportation Association

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) announced the technical program for the 20th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS-20): Powering Sustainable Transportation, to be held in Long Beach, California, November 15-19, 2003. The complete technical program is posted on the EVS-20 website,

The EVS-20 International Program Committee (IPC) Chair, Ed Riddell of AVESTOR, commented: “With 326 abstracts submitted from across the globe, we were able to produce a uniquely diverse and comprehensive program, with the latest information covering all aspects of battery, hybrid, and fuel cell technologies. Even with the glut of conferences this year, our program is unrivaled as it offers delegates a ‘one-stop event’ where they can custom tailor their agenda to meet their specific interests, whether those interests center on a single technology like fuel cells, a single platform like buses, or more broadly on discovering the state of all facets of the electric drive industry from technology to markets to infrastructure to policy.” Riddell also announced a new feature for EVS-20 that adds significant value and learning opportunities for delegates: “In addition to those papers selected for presentation at EVS-20, the official conference proceedings will include up to 78 additional papers which were of exceedingly high quality as judged by the IPC, but for which there simply wasn’t enough room on the program this year.”

Of the 326 abstracts submitted, 142 were from North America, 96 from Europe, and 88 from Asia. The submissions were reviewed by an international jury of experts from the three organizations that comprise WEVA (World Electric Vehicle Association) to insure balanced representation from around the world. WEVA members include the EVS-20 host, EDTA as well as AVERE (European Electric Road Vehicle Association and EVAAP (Electric Vehicle Association of the Asia Pacific).

EDTA President Kateri Callahan applauded the efforts of the International Program Committee in designing a compelling technical program and noted: “EDTA is working diligently to assure that the plenary sessions, the Exposition and the vehicle “Ride’n’Drive” rise to the level of excellence achieved in the EVS-20 technical program. Through the summer months, we will be adding to the list of notables that already have agreed to provide keynote presentations, which includes Jim Press, Executive Vice President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.; Andreas Truckenbrodt, Director of the Fuel Cell and Alternative Powertrain Program at DaimlerChrysler; Brian Williams, Deputy Mayor of Environment, Transportation & Infrastructure, the City of Los Angeles; Bob Stempel, Chairman, ECD, Inc. and former Chairman of General Motors; Doug West, Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.: and, Michiyoshi Hagino--Senior Managing Director of Honda Motor Co.”

Electric Drive Transportation Association

Electric Drive Transportation Association

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