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Novartis Awards Program Drives Energy Savings and Environmental Progress

Novartis Awards Program Drives Energy Savings and Environmental Progress

Published 12-05-07

Submitted by Novartis

  • The 2007 Novartis Energy Excellence Awards honor sites in Italy, the UK and US
  • Awards program, in its fourth year, recognizes contributions by Novartis associates to conserving energy and reducing emissions for the global healthcare company

  • Forty-six projects in the 2007 competition offer potential savings totaling more than USD 40 million

    BASEL - December 5, 2007 "“ Novartis has honored associates at sites in Italy, the United Kingdom and United States for comprehensive efforts to save energy and reduce environmental emissions. The three sites were winners of the 2007 Novartis Energy Excellence Awards, a global motivational program now in its fourth year. In a record 46 entries this year, Novartis associates have shown that proactive initiatives can make an impact on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions in all of the company’s divisions and geographic regions.

    Throughout Novartis sites, including in Switzerland, initiatives are under way to improve energy efficiency. The recently constructed (and future) Campus buildings at headquarters in Basel need only 1/3 of the energy of average Swiss office buildings. Furthermore, their supply of energy is completely carbon-free, both for electricity and heating.

    The Energy Excellence Awards recognize associates who improve the company's energy efficiency and take steps to implement renewable or alternative energy technologies. These solutions are key in helping Novartis meet ambitious energy and climate targets in line with the Kyoto Protocol (that is, reducing emissions for the period 2008-2012 by at least 5 percent below the 1990 level).

    "The judges honored three site energy programs that combine many actions covering different aspects of energy use. Comprehensive approaches of this sort can make a difference worldwide in the energy and climate performance of Novartis," said Keith Saveal, Head of Corporate Health, Safety and Environment and Business Continuity.

    A judging panel of five experts from academic, nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations, as well as four Novartis specialists, evaluated the 46 projects from around the world. Key criteria included supporting business growth objectives while reducing CO2 emissions, minimizing energy costs and utilizing renewable energy sources.

    The three site programs selected for 2007 awards:

  • The Novartis vaccines production site in Rosia, Italy, which is expanding significantly between 2007 and 2010, is committed to major efforts to reduce resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The Rosia energy saving program is still in an early stage but is shaping the site's energy efficiency for the future. Cornerstones of the program are photovoltaic and thermal solar panels on the roofs of existing buildings or as integrated elements of new buildings, as well as a gas turbine-based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit. The integrated approach also includes wastewater recovery and transport and employee mobility on the premises, as well as to and from a sister facility in Siena, Italy.

  • The Novartis Pharma Division chemical production site in Grimsby, UK, has applied an established management tool, with multiple measures including behavioral aspects, to help optimize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This systematic approach integrates innovation, quality and productivity, using technical parameters for efficiency and checking for results. The Grimsby team has been very successful in achieving energy savings and emission reductions - providing an example of comprehensive energy saving programs with a high potential for replication in other sites.

  • The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has achieved a cultural change for energy conservation on its research campus. Over the past two years, the project team has made increased energy efficiency and the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions primary objectives for the campus. The program includes simple steps such as changes in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HAVC) settings and lighting levels, as well as upgrades in building control equipment and behavioral habits in laboratory practice. This program is also well-suited for replication.

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