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CIES is Launching II Edition "Plus" of the Master’s Program in Corporate Social Responsibility

Published 01-12-04

Submitted by CIES

BARCELONA - CIES was founded in 1992 in Barcelona, as a research, study and consulting centre on enterprises on third sector organisations with a special emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Auditing and Reporting. In 2002, CIES became a member of Global Compact in Spain and started the first edition in Spain (and in Spanish Language) of the on-line, international "Master’s Program in Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting and Social Auditing" at the University of Barcelona.

Over the years, CIES has conducted many national, European and international studies, published books and working papers in seminars and international congress, offered training courses at a post-graduate level at the University of Barcelona.

The Master’s in Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting and Social Auditing is a Master’s degree of a high level of the University of Barcelona, Spain. It is oriented to executive chiefs, CEOs, managers and strategic people from companies, businesses, firms and philanthropic organizations that want to undertake initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Master’s is a global program which seeks to:

1. Provide the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to help companies, businesses, firms and philanthropic organizations become socially responsible.

2. Qualify CEOs, executives, chiefs and professionals on existing methodologies and best practices in order to analyze, apply and inform about Corporate Social Responsibility.

3. Promote a managerial consideration of Social Responsibility.

4. Provide specific training for a future responsibility in management of CSR

5. Promote among the participants a socially responsible corporate culture.

The Master Program has eight study Units:

Preliminary unit: Introduction to the use of the virtual campus Mes-d. The training in this unit will be held in the first on-campus session.

Unit I: Market, Business and Sustainable Development

Unit II: Law and Ethics of Corporate Social Responsibility

Unit III: Socially Responsible Business Administration

Unit IV: Standards and Methodologies of Accounting and Social Auditing

Unit V: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Unit VI: Multicultural Strategic Management

Unit VII: Gender Strategic Management

Unit VIII: Final Project


Once the student is accepted, he/she will receive their access key to the virtual campus ( The base of the training is didactic units written by Phd and professor experts. All of the material is digitized with connections to internet, the glossary is integrated in the reading text and all material is updated regularly.

For each unit, discussion forums are continually opened by the professors, although students can also suggest them. When concluding each topic or unit, online evaluations are created by the professor. A debate is conducted in chat by unit. The tutor knows when the student is connected to the campus, his/her responsibility is to guide the student through the unit and his/her work.

There are three on-campus sessions in Barcelona, the first one to introduce the course. The second, the professors, staff and students are held to discuss the final project and it coincides with an open Day Seminar on CSR, where the students assist. The third session is held for students to defend their final project.

This Master’s is compatible with work, though students will need to dedicate hours to study. The students in our surveys explain that the average time spent studying is from 10 to 15 hours a week.

The Master’s program is in Spanish, though there are many learning guides and materials in English and French. If you can read in Spanish, this Master’s might be right for you because this edition we will have a bilingual tutor to help you through the Master’s.

The tuition fee is 5000 €. Tuition, includes access to all course materials, monitoring and technical attendance

To complete your application, you must send your CV to

For more information visit or contact us



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