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Sharing Responsibility for the Planet, Companies Support Earth Share

Sharing Responsibility for the Planet, Companies Support Earth Share

Published 10-09-03

Submitted by EarthShare

WASHINGTON, DC - Fall marks the traditional kick-off of the country's workplace giving season, when thousands of employees, corporate and otherwise, will pledge a small portion of their paychecks to support the charities and causes that matter to them. Thanks to an unprecedented affiliation forged by the environmental and conservation community, those donors can easily support hundreds of charities working to make the planet a healthier place by giving to Earth Share.

Earth Share is a federation that allows working people to easily and effectively donate to environmental groups through payroll deduction at the workplace. American Express, Hewlett-Packard, Sears and Pitney Bowes are among the corporations that partner with Earth Share to help support groups that include the World Wildlife Fund and National Audubon Society. Campaign sponsors also include the federal government through the Combined Federal Campaign, more than half of the state governments in the U.S., and dozens of cities and counties.

"Research demonstrates clearly that working people want a choice in how and to whom they give. Earth Share opens the whole range of the environmental and conservation community to employees," said Kalman Stein, President and CEO of Earth Share. "But more employers must now step up to the plate and make Earth Share a charitable option in their employees' campaigns."

At a time when some charitable organizations have come under fire for mismanagement, Earth Share's strict guidelines and policies are reassuring to employees. Its method of fund allocation, which allows an employee to choose the organizations he or she wishes to support, is another feature that makes the program attractive. Employees can make a single donation that will reach the full spectrum of conservation causes, ranging from the Hudson River to the Amazon River, from Walden Woods to the Brazilian rainforest, from our national parks to a neighborhood community park.

Supporting the earth is good for employee relations, but there are other advantages to businesses as well. Companies with pro-environment images are viewed more favorably, and consumers are more likely to purchase products from those companies associated with environmental groups.

"At Dell, our Earth Share campaign is founded on the principal of choice which is consistent with our culture and direct business model," said Michele Dunkerley, vice president of Americas Legal and Government Relations, Dell Computer Corporation. "As a global corporation, we are committed to fully integrating environmental stewardship into every aspect of our business. Our partnership with Earth Share provides an opportunity, a system and an answer for our employees who personally want to support saving our natural heritage."

Any workplace interested in learning more about offering Earth Share in their workplace giving campaign can contact the national office at 240.333.0300, or via email at

Earth Share was founded in 1988 by 18 national environmental charities seeking to coordinate workplace fundraising. In 2001, the national organization and 14 state environmental federations joined forces, resulting in a nationwide network of Earth Share affiliates representing more than 55 national charities and more than 400 local organizations in19 states. Visit Earth Share's Web site for a complete list of affiliates and member organizations:

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EarthShare recognizes the power and influence that committed individuals can have for our planet. That’s why for more than three decades, EarthShare has worked with employers in both the public and private sectors to ensure environmental nonprofits are represented in workplace employee giving and engagement campaigns. Through this work, we have provided millions of individuals with the opportunity to begin and continue their environmental journeys. To date, over $375 million and countless other actions have been contributed through EarthShare to further environmental progress.

With a vision of everyone supporting a healthy planet, EarthShare provides a variety of tools, programs, and inspirational content to engage businesses, individuals, and nonprofits, making it possible for a larger, more inclusive community of people to help solve the environmental crisis. Our programs welcome new advocates into the fold, streamlining and enhancing efforts to create positive change. With our expert guidance, action can be faster, more enjoyable, and create even greater impact. Join our growing movement of change makers, passionate businesses, and nonprofit innovators to help transform our future.

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