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Performance-based Environmental Management: the Key to Value Creation

Published 01-13-04

Submitted by GreenWare Environmental Systems Inc

TORONTO - GreenWare is pleased to announce its participation in a unique collaboration with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Southern Methodist University (SMU) and Avery Environmental Services to provide a performance-based environmental management system course. Starting early in 2004, courses will be offered to industry, military bases and public entities in Texas. These courses will include detailed training and coaching on how to implement a cost-effective EMS that not only creates value, but also meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and the Texas EMS standards.

At the end of the course, participants will be fully equipped with both the conceptual understanding and practical tools necessary to increase their business bottom line and gain competitive advantage, while also enabling their companies to become more environmentally responsible.

Performance-based EMS Training Course: Implementing an EMS to Enhance Core Business Value and Improve Performance

Dates: Early in 2004

Course Description

Overview: The course focuses on actual EMS implementation and value creation through improved environmental performance. It is designed both for participants with little EMS knowledge and for those who have already taken EMS training. Participants will walk through each stage of developing a performance-based EMS, from learning how the EMS drives environmental compliance and risk reduction to cost reduction and mitigating ongoing environmental impacts. By attending the course, participants will be able to incorporate key elements of the Texas EMS Standard into their EMS, in order to qualify for regulatory incentives at several levels at each participating site that meets the standard.

Duration: The course runs over a 9 to 12-month period and includes three 3-day seminars and a fourth optional readiness assessment. Email, phone support and individual consultations with EMS experts are available between class sessions.

Topics covered: Key topics will include: building management support, improving the skills needed to implement an EMS, risk control, resource conservation, providing in-house training for management, the core EMS team and general employees, conducting joint pre-assessments for the ISO/TCEQ standards, reporting on weaknesses in management terms, developing performance goals, targets and measurable analytical techniques, conducting effective meetings with management, completing business process reviews, reporting and communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

Learning methodology: EMS implementation skills will be taught through hands-on exercises, the use of each participant's actual site data and mock site audits.

Resources: GreenWare's Performance-based EMS software will be used to help participants implement, document, measure and monitor the key components of their EMS. Master's program students from SMU are also available to assist participants with their EMS implementation.

If you are interested in developing a similar program in your area to support and promote a local EMS initiative or to provide resources to local organizations, please contact Nathan Crawford of GreenWare at tel: 1-800-474-0627 ext. 123, or by email at

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