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Solving Climate Change Challenges at Launch of the World Climate Forum

Published 09-24-04

Submitted by Susten8

LONDON - A coalition of over 150 business, government, scientific, academic and NGO leaders are attending the launch of the World Climate Forum (WCF) to solve what UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and HRH Prince Charles call "the single most important long-term issue that we face as a global community" 1.

Susten8, the global network leveraging innovation, entrepreneurship and investment for sustainability is organising the launch of the World Climate Forum in London on September 27th 2004 at 'Climate Change Innovators' event (

Sponsored by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Climate Change Capital and the Carbon Trust. This will act as a forum to showcase, educate and accelerate practical ways of mitigating, preventing and adapting to climate change across sectors and industries.

Following calls for more actions by UK PM Tony Blair and HRH Prince Charles, the launch of the WCF will feature two panel discussions of 12 leading experts2 on climate change; 3 innovation clinics and a networking reception for over 150 delegates that include and is not limited to: BT, Aviva, BAA, London Stock Exchange, Union Bank of Switzerland, Tesco, National Grid Transco, Novo Nordisk, Anglo American, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, DEFRA, WWF, Greenpeace, DTI, Swiss Re, Co-operative bank, Association of British Insurers, Toyota, Triodos Bank, Oxford University, Imperial College, London Business School, Café Direct, Scott Wilson, Deloitte, Arthur D Little to name a few and over 20 journalists (BBC, The Guardian, The Ecologist, Channel 4, Cantos TV, Ethical Corporation Magazine).

"Climate change is putting pressure on boards and executives to evaluate potential costs and risks associated with mitigation either of carbon emissions or the effects of actual climate changes. This will be the first time that organisations across industries and sectors will have the opportunity to understand how they can actively solve these issues." says Michael Mathres, cofounder of Susten8 and the independent and apolitical WCF.

Participants will be encouraged to look beyond the Kyoto protocol and:

  • Showcase pioneering corporate, scientific, academic and governments studies
  • Innovate technologies, products, services and investment
  • Harness people, intellectual and financial capital to find solutions
  • Network in a unique environment to conduct meetings, partnerships and deals

    The launch of the WCF will be followed by bi-monthly events focused on energy, transportation, waste & recycling, agriculture, and construction4. These events will build momentum over the next six months to garner interest, people and resources from the private, public and third sector to actively participate in the three-day World Climate Forum conference to be held in London next year.

    "People are beginning to accept that humans have a direct impact on the climate and therefore each individual and organisation has the power to take responsibility for their actions and make a real difference. It is a matter of utmost urgency that we collectively change our behaviours now," says James Wallace, co-founder of Susten8 and the WCF. "By organising these forums, we will show that it is possible to bring together people and organisations from all sectors and industries to work together in tackling climate change issues."

    Other partners participating in the organisation of the event include, New Economics Foundation, UK Social Investment Forum, Carbon Disclosure Project, European Business Forum, Carbon Sense, Organic Express, Social Venture Network and

    About the World Climate Forum (WCF) - The World Climate Forum is an international independent organisation committed to solve climate change issues. The forum provides a collaborative and inclusive framework and network for the world's leaders to actively address, promote, and innovate global climate challenges, engaging corporations, governments, NGOs, academia and scientists. It is created by Susten8 (

    1 Speech given by PM Tony Blair and HRH Prince Charles at Prince of Wales' Business in the Environment programme, September 14th 2004

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