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Wholesome Sweeteners Introduces First and Only Organic Turbinado Sugar in U.S.; Launch of Organic Turbinado Coincides with Celebration of Organic Harvest Month

Wholesome Sweeteners Introduces First and Only Organic Turbinado Sugar in U.S.; Launch of Organic Turbinado Coincides with Celebration of Organic Harvest Month

Published 09-15-04

Submitted by Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc.

HOUSTON - In order to meet the demand for more quality, organic foods and ingredients, Wholesome Sweeteners, the largest supplier of natural and organic products from around the world, has introduced the first and only Organic Turbinado Sugar in the United States. The launch of the Organic Turbinado was timed to coincide with the celebration in September of Organic Harvest Month in order to increase awareness of organic agriculture and the growing organic products industry.

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Turbinado Sugar is washed, raw-cane sugar made from 100 percent organic sugar cane grown in Brazil. Turbinado sugar is made by crushing the freshly-cut sugar cane to squeeze out the juice - rich in molasses, vitamins and minerals. The cane juice is then evaporated to form a thick syrup, which is spun in a turbine to produce the large, sparkling, golden crystals. For this reason, this type of natural sugar is referred to as Turbinado sugar. This organic Turbinado sugar provides a smooth, mellow and rounded flavor in coffee and iced tea and it promises not to add a harsh, tannic sweetness.

"As we launch the first Organic Turbinado in the United States, we are pleased that our extensive search has resulted in a quality product that exceeds the conventional Turbinado sugars currently on the market," said Pauline McKee, marketing director for Wholesome Sweeteners. "Our customers trust our brand to deliver a high quality product that complies with the strict ethical, social and environmental standards required by Wholesome Sweeteners."

Turbinado style sugar is the engine of the specialty sugar category in the United States with natural Turbinado products, such as Sugar in the Raw, Billington's Demerara and Wholesome Sweeteners' Natural Turbinado, amounting to $40 to $45 million in annual sales.

Organic Turbinado is the perfect ingredient for the upcoming holiday celebrations and bakers and cooks can now use the Organic Turbinado as a one for one replacement for refined white and brown sugars in their favorite recipes.

-- Ultimate topping for holiday cakes, cookies, crumbles and pies

-- Use as a rub or to create a sauce to baste your holiday ham, turkey or goose

-- Spruce-up candied yams with its delicate molasses flavor and sprinkle on top for a dramatic presentation

-- Adds rich, delicious flavor to popular holiday beverages like Egg Nog, cocoa, or mulled wine or cider

As a testament to its already growing popularity, Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Turbinado is endorsed by Chef Nora Pouillon, owner of Restaurant Nora's and Asia Nora's, in Washington, D.C., America's first certified organic restaurants.(a)

The Organic Turbinado Sugar is packaged in 24 ounce, resealable pouches, and in individual, convenient and ready-to-use packets. The sugar is available in leading grocery chains and specialty health food stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Houston-based Wholesome Sweeteners is a majority owned subsidiary of the Billington Group, a major U.K. specialty food company, and supplies only the finest organic and natural products from socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers. Wholesome Sweeteners' range of 100 percent organic sugars, produced from 100% certified organic sugar cane, are the best selling range of organic sugars in the USA and Canada, and include: Organic Powdered Sugar; Organic Sugar; Organic Sucanat; Organic Blackstrap Molasses. Wholesome Sweeteners' range of Billington's Unrefined All-Natural sugars include: Demerara Sugar; Milled Golden Cane Sugar; Light Brown Muscovado Sugar; Dark Brown Molasses Sugar; and Sugar Crystals. More information can be obtained at, or by calling 1-800-680-1896

Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc.

Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc.

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