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Duraflame Discontinues Use of Petroleum Wax in its Firelogs

Duraflame Discontinues Use of Petroleum Wax in its Firelogs

Published 03-21-07

Submitted by Duraflame, Inc.

STOCKTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 21, 2007--By the end of April 2007, Duraflame, Inc. will no longer use petroleum wax in the production of its duraflame brand firelogs. After over 30 years in business, the company is going all-natural by making the switch to non-petroleum waxes. As North America's firelog brand leader, using bio wax represents a significant change in the more than $250 million industry.

This decision was spurred by the rising costs and declining quality of petroleum wax available to the company. Duraflame decided to take action before volatile conditions in the petroleum markets negatively impacted the company's reputation for industry-leading quality.

In recent years, the company's R&D team had been testing new blends of "bio-wax" materials made from renewable resources. Tests showed the environmentally friendly waxes burned more vigorously and yet produced fewer emissions. With the rising price of petroleum, the better quality, renewable materials became more cost competitive. These factors contributed to the company determining the time was right for a comprehensive ingredient change.

The switch to bio waxes also provides the added benefit of reducing the company's carbon footprint. As a result of the product formulation change, Duraflame will dramatically reduce its use of non-renewable fossil fuels.

"Although we made the move to bio wax to improve the quality of our products, the switch turned out to be beneficial for the environment as well," said Chris Caron, vice president of brand development for Duraflame. "The new firelogs and fire starters made with non-petroleum wax light faster and burn with more robust flames than any other product on the market; they also burn cleaner and are one-hundred percent renewable."

The use of innovative materials is not new to Duraflame. Earlier this decade, the company began searching for alternatives to recycled wood sawdust in order to fill demand and found the use of agricultural biomass feasible.

Caron notes that replacing the petroleum wax will displace an estimated 100 million pounds of petroleum-based fuel annually. Replacing that material with natural waxes will offset green house emissions equivalent to roughly the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by 62,000 automobiles each year. While the new all natural products still emit C02, the use of bio wax from renewable resources makes the firelogs carbon neutral.

New studies from Omni Environmental Laboratories of Beaverton, OR also show that the company's firelogs emit 70 percent less CO2 than burning an equivalent wood fire, and over 80 percent fewer green house gas emissions than use of a natural gas log set in a fireplace. "When we embarked upon this initiative, we didn't anticipate that burning Duraflame firelogs would be a significant way for people to reduce their carbon footprint," he adds.

According to Caron, Duraflame's reformulation initiative continues the company's tradition of investing in environmentally friendly technologies. An early claim of the company was, "no tree has ever been cut down to make a Duraflame firelog." That claim still holds true today. In fact, Duraflame, Inc. recycles 50,000 tons of commercial wood waste and agricultural bio-mass in the production of its firelogs each year. The logs are also resource efficient because 80 percent less material is burned during a 3-4 hour Duraflame fire than with firewood. The company estimates burning its firelogs saves 1.2 million trees each year from use as firewood.

"We are excited about introducing customers to our new products," adds Caron. "The reformulation has improved our products' performance and environmental impact, which we believe enhances our competitiveness by delivering consumers a better product. And making sure customers are satisfied is the best way to maintain our brand loyalty."

Duraflame is currently in the process of patenting its "all natural" wax formulation.

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Duraflame, Inc. is America's firelog brand leader. Headquartered in Stockton, Calif., Duraflame is a privately held, family-owned company that has been in business for more than 30 years. The company produces firelogs, fire starters, fireplace accessories, barbecue and outdoor products. More information about Duraflame and its complete product line can be found at

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