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Why Are 10% of the Fortune 500 Shifting How They Manage Diversity?

Published 12-03-04

Submitted by Insight Education Systems

MONTCLAIR, N.J. - MicroInequities: The Power of Small, sets the new corporate leadership and diversity paradigm with a seminar that identifies critical workplace biases that can ultimately effect the bottom line. Based on academic research conducted by Mary Rowe, Adjunct Professor of Negotiations and Conflict Management at MIT, Insight Education Systems has developed a business application that has catapulted many companies toward affecting major change in their cultural landscapes, including Raytheon, Boeing, Cisco, and Merck.

"In any given conversation we may send hundreds of messages without even saying a word, in this program attendees master the ability to identify them," states Stephen Young. Young is the Founder and President of Insight Education Systems, a management and consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development. Young has worked extensively with top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and is now offering his years of expertise to business professionals, at all levels of management, nationwide.

MicroInequities have been referred to as the "invisible force" (or micro- messages) that triggers the costly, high turnover of women and people of different ethnic backgrounds, which many corporations struggle to overcome. Often these messages are not quantifiable, by providing the tools to recognize them, it alerts senior level executives and managers to the impact of a cumulative pattern of devaluing messages which impair employee performance and productivity.

Young's powerful program goes beyond traditional diversity management training, it gets to the DNA of culture change by enabling people to master the skills of interpreting messages and sending messages that drive behavior change at its core and when incorporated into the business environment it can immediately enhance business performance. According to Young, "Micro-messages are rooted in the foundation of the human communication, which has less to do with the mechanics of speech and more to do with the complex ways that people communicate."

While MicroInequities can erode workforce effectiveness and productivity, conversely MicroAdvantages (positive micro-messages) can spark creativity, leadership and exceptional performance. Young's goal is to teach people to utilize MicroAdvantages at all levels of a corporation to successfully build and sustain a strong, diverse and inclusive workplace.

Insight Education Systems

Insight Education Systems

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