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New Diversity Program Aims to Increase the Bottom Line for Any Organization -

Published 12-14-04

Submitted by D&J Brathwaite Holdings Inc.

Power in Diversity has a strong impact on the bottom line and improves the work environment by removing unnecessary barriers between people. The results are more effective organizational teams and higher productivity.

Power in Diversity produces outstanding results with people of diverse backgrounds by "coaching" teams to achieve breakthrough levels of performance.

The program raises the level of intercultural communication in the organization, improves intercultural "leadership" and "conflict resolution" skills. Most organizations are quite good at determining diversity competency requirements; many are less capable of making those competency requirements a reality.

Power In Diversity creates, with you, a process to produce outstanding results with people of diverse backgrounds through coaching teams. This leads to breakthrough levels of performance, raising the bar to new levels of intercultural communication, diverse teams at work and getting teams to implement changes.

The content of the program is unique in several ways. First, the level of intercultural awareness within the organization or team is measured before the project begins.

A step by step approach is then provided to remove barriers between people and raise the level of intercultural awareness. Finally, the organization attains competence in dealing with intercultural matters.

People are provided with a clear picture of where the organization is going with respect to diversity and they are helped to align themselves with it.

Power In Diversity provides coaching in the skills and intercultural knowledge required to get them there.

The Skillset:
1. Create a Foundation
2. Build Intercultural Communication Skills
3. Capitalize on Diversity
4. Strengthen Intercultural Relationships
5. Manage Personal Reactions
6. Develop Intercultural Leadership Skills
7. Channel Fear Into Respect
8. Resolve Intercultural Conflicts

For detailed program outline information visit our web site:

Consultation is available at no cost.
phone: (613)737-6636

D&J Brathwaite Holdings Inc.

D&J Brathwaite Holdings Inc.

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