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Can Luxury and Conscience Coexist? Diamonds for Humanity(TM) Launches Diamond Jewelry Line

Published 04-08-05

Submitted by Diamonds for Humanity

NEW YORK - Luxury and conscience can coexist. Diamonds for Humanity(TM) is a dynamic global initiative founded by designer Sabiha Foster. The company will fund grants for humanitarian and educational programs with origin-certified diamond jewelry.

"Diamonds for Humanity has a singular vision: to provide consumers the opportunity for their jewelry purchases to reach beyond the enjoyment it brings them. I chose the name Diamonds for Humanity with the emphasis on the word 'for.' Luxury can and should have purpose," said Sabiha Foster, founder of Diamonds for Humanity. "We invite all diamond producers who wish to support these humanitarian and educational initiatives to work with us. We chose Gemesis Cultured Diamonds as our launch partner for the purity their diamonds represent, as well as the design options their rare colors afford."

Sabiha Foster initially created Diamonds for Humanity as a response to the human impact of illicit diamond trading. Diamonds for Humanity will fund grants through the sale of its jewelry to address the issue of people affected by the illicit diamond trade and "conflict diamonds." The International League for Human Rights will administer a program for women and children's healthcare in Sierra Leone. "The League has long been involved supporting human rights initiatives in diamond-producing nations of West Africa, and we welcome Diamonds for Humanity and thank them for their support of our efforts," said League President Scott Horton.

And in order to maximize the revenue generating potential of diamonds and other natural resources of stable and democratic countries in Africa, there is an on-going need for advanced skills training and capacity building on the continent. In response, Diamonds for Humanity is also working with the Africa-America Institute to provide scholarship grants for African engineering students. "By combining luxury with corporate responsibility, Diamonds for Humanity has the potential to contribute toward Africa's human capital, and could help boost the capacity of African countries to advance technologically, compete globally and thrive economically with politically stable environments," said Mora Mclean, Chief Executive Officer of the Africa-America Institute.

Diamonds for Humanity debuts its first jewelry collection with a charity gala at the Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall on April 13, 2005. The event will benefit The International League for Human Rights ( and the Africa-America Institute ( Emmy award-winning talk show host Montel Williams is the master of ceremonies. Musical guests include acclaimed jazz trumpeter Chris Botti ( The diamond, platinum, and gold jewelry features both origin-certified Gemesis Cultured Diamonds(TM) and white diamonds from Tundra Canadian Diamonds. The event will auction 31 designs ranging in price from $5,000 to $200,000. The centerpiece of the collection is a magnificent 26 carat, yellow and white diamond necklace set in platinum, as featured in the April 2005 Harper's Bazaar. Gemesis Cultured Diamonds and Harper's Bazaar are the lead sponsors of the Lincoln Center gala.

"Consumers purchasing this exceptional diamond jewelry will make a powerful contribution to people's lives," said David Hellier, president, The Gemesis Corporation. "The diamond industry as a whole has taken positive steps to address the issue of diamond origin, with programs such as the Kimberly process. Diamonds for Humanity and Gemesis are helping take that effort one step further by establishing the first diamond jewelry line to generate grants for humanitarian and educational programs. This approach moves beyond internal industry monitoring and makes a tangible contribution to those most affected by these issues."

About Diamonds for Humanity(TM)
Diamonds for Humanity is a dynamic global initiative founded by designer Sabiha Foster as a platform for diamond jewelry to positively support humanitarian and educational programs through established non-governmental organizations. Diamonds for Humanity supports and creates projects that affirm human dignity. Sabiha Foster's belief is that vision and design can combine to provide innovative solutions to address crucial social and educational issues. For more information on Diamonds for Humanity, visit

About Gemesis
The Gemesis Corporation, a privately-held company founded in 1996, has developed break-through technology to make fancy colored diamonds more accessible to jewelry buyers. Gemesis produces rare fancy-colored diamonds in its state-of-the-art diamond growth facility in Sarasota, Fla. Gemesis individually cultivates each diamond, resulting in some of the most rare and desirable fancy colors. Gemesis Cultured Diamonds, created by Gemesis, possess the same physical, optical and chemical properties as earth-grown diamonds. For more information about Gemesis, visit

Diamonds for Humanity and Luxury with Purpose are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Diamonds for Humanity Incorporated. Gemesis and Gemesis Cultured Diamonds are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The Gemesis Corporation.

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