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IW Financial Conflict Securities Advisory Group Partner to Offer First Comprehensive Solution to Iran, Sudan and Other Terrorism Divestment Issues

IW Financial Conflict Securities Advisory Group Partner to Offer First Comprehensive Solution to Iran, Sudan and Other Terrorism Divestment Issues

Published 06-15-07

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PORTLAND, ME- June 15, 2007 "“ IW Financial, Inc. and its terrorism research partner Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG) are offering the first comprehensive solution that will enable institutional investors, asset managers, and plan sponsors to satisfy the divestment and/or engagement requirements of all pending or future legislation on Iran, Sudan or other states designated by the U.S. as sponsors of terrorism, it was announced today.

IW Financial is a leading provider of research-based technology solutions that enable investment professionals to analyze portfolio holdings using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. CSAG is the world’s only research firm dedicated exclusively to identifying and assessing companies that have business in, or with, State Department-designated terrorist-sponsoring states.

"Recent action by the legislatures of states such as Ohio and Florida demonstrate that Iran has joined Sudan as a front-burner issue for investors and their advisors," said Sam Pierce, chief executive officer at IW Financial. "Further, when you consider Missouri's and Louisiana's broader terror-free investment policies, it is clear that states require a solution that can satisfy all potential terrorism-related requirements. IWF is now in a position to offer that solution."

"The momentum behind terror-free investing is substantial and is resulting in the need for sophisticated research solutions that can address any one of a number of specific policy guidelines," said Roger W. Robinson, Jr., President and CEO of CSAG. "We are pleased to partner with IW Financial to provide one-stop-shopping for plan sponsors, institutional investors, and asset managers that require divestment and engagement services concerning Iran-free, Sudan-free and other terrorism-related policies across the spectrum."

The new solutions from IW Financial and CSAG are available immediately.

About IW Financial

IW Financial is a leading provider of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research, consulting and portfolio management solutions for asset management firms, managed accounts sponsors, institutional investors, plan sponsors, and investment advisors. With its unique combination of investment industry expertise, unbiased research, and technology solutions, IW Financial helps industry professionals address guidelines and capitalize on growing investor demand by incorporating ESG factors into investment platforms, products, and portfolios.

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About CSAG

Conflict Securities Advisory Group (CSAG) is a Washington DC-based independent research provider and consulting firm that specializes in identifying and assessing companies that may be exposed to global security risk, including corporate ties to U.S.-designated terrorist-sponsoring states. It likewise offers terror-free screening and certification services. CSAG’s primary product offering is an on-line investment research tool called the Global Security Risk Monitor that is the world's most complete database that identifies and profiles U.S. and foreign publicly-traded companies that have business ties to Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. More information on CSAG is available at

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