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KaBOOM! Introduces the First Nationwide Online Playspace Finder

KaBOOM! Introduces the First Nationwide Online Playspace Finder

Published 10-12-06

Submitted by KaBOOM!

Washington, D.C. - KaBOOM!, a national non-profit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America, unveiled the newest resource in play yesterday at the 2006 NRPA Conference - The KaBOOM! Playspace Finder. The Playspace Finder is the first nationwide user-generated online directory of playspaces (including playgrounds, skate parks, fields and ice rinks) in the United States. By utilizing reviews from the ultimate consumers of playspaces-- including kids and families--the Finder will serve as an online marketplace of ideas about the location, condition, and "play value" of our nation's parks.

Located on the KaBOOM! website (, the Playspace Finder is an interactive tool that allows anyone to submit information and rate their local playspaces. The directory then gives other users the ability to locate, read reviews and add additional ratings for a playspace in any neighborhood in the country. The Playspace Finder includes the ability to add photos and comments for each playspace, as well as a detailed description of the playspace, including the playground equipment or amenities that surround the space.

KaBOOM! developed the Playspace Finder in response to the lack of national resources in locating great places to play and to encourage active, unstructured outdoor play for children across the nation.

"Play is a vital component of a child's life, contributing to their physical, emotional, mental and social development. In light of our work and our vision, we felt it was our duty to provide a resource for locating great places to play. However, the success of this project relies upon people across the country providing data and reviews about their parks. So, get out to a park and play, but then come back and tell everyone about your experience--good or bad," said Darell Hammond, CEO and Co-Founder of KaBOOM!.

To learn more about the Playspace Finder visit

About KaBOOM!

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2006, KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit organization that envisions a great place to play within walking distance of every child in America. Over the past decade, KaBOOM! has used its innovative community-build model to bring together business and community interests to construct over 1,000 new playgrounds, skateparks, sports fields and ice rinks across North America. KaBOOM! also offers a variety of resources, including a Web portal and online community, regional and national trainings, grants and publications for communities that wish to plan a new playspace on their own. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., KaBOOM! also has offices in Chicago, Atlanta and San Mateo, Calif. For more information, visit or call (202) 659-0215.

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KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to the bold goal of ensuring that all children, particularly the 16 million American children living in poverty, get the active play they need to become healthy and successful adults. KaBOOM! has been a powerful champion for play since its founding in 1996, working with partners to build, improve, and open more than 15,000 playgrounds, engage more than 1,000,000 volunteers and serve more than 6,600,000 children. KaBOOM! creates and catalyzes great places to play; inspires, empowers and leads play advocates; and elevates the societal conversation about the importance of play in children’s lives. For more information, visit

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