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Shaklee U.S. Leads The Way On Global Climate Change Issue, Becomes Nation's First Climate Neutral™ Certified Company

Shaklee U.S. Leads The Way On Global Climate Change Issue, Becomes Nation's First Climate Neutral™ Certified Company

Published 04-11-00

Submitted by Shaklee Corporation

In an historic first among companies in the U.S., Shaklee U.S. has been approved as the first Climate Neutral Certified Company by the Climate Neutral Network as a result of Shaklee's achievement of a net zero impact on the Earth's climate.

"Shaklee has now set the standard by which all other companies will be measured," says Sue Hall, Executive Director of the Climate Neutral Network. "Other businesses will look to Shaklee as a leader in developing and implementing a comprehensive climate-neutral strategy that has significant, positive effect on both business and the environment," says Hall.

The Climate Neutral Network is an alliance of companies, environmental organizations, and government agencies committed to promoting products, activities and enterprises that minimally impact the Earth's climate. Other leading Climate Neutral partner companies include Nike and Interface Inc. Participating environmental groups include the Earth Day Network, Rocky Mountain Institute, World Resources Institute, Conservation International and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Government agency participants include the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Daniel Lashof, Senior Scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council and Chairperson of the Climate Neutral Network Environmental Advisory Panel says, "Shaklee's example should serve to usher in a new era of corporate responsibility for investing in innovative technologies to drive down CO2 emissions."

More than 2,500 scientists around the world agree that human activities which emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are contributing to global warming, or, more accurately, global climate change. Experts believe that global climate change is a serious threat not only to the Earth's environment but also to the planet's human population.

"We have made the environment a top priority in our practices for more than forty years," says Robert Schults, President and CEO of the Shaklee Companies. "Earning the first Climate Neutral enterprise certification in this country elevates us to a leadership role on global climate change. It also resonates with our founding mission of Living in Harmony with Nature.™"

Shaklee's nationwide network of half a million distributors will have the opportunity to share this news of the Climate Neutral certification with their local communities. "Many, many people at Shaklee have dedicated the past several years to help us become 'climate neutral,' and we believe the message about global climate change is an important one to share," says Schults. "What better way than through the grassroots voice of our distributors? This is a proud period in our history and a critical time for the planet we call home," adds Schults.

Shaklee received outstanding performance results in reducing its on-site GHG emissions, in large part due to its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Norman, Oklahoma, and its new world headquarters facility in Pleasanton, California. The campuslike structure showcases energy efficient designs and sustainable resource materials. For example, high performance glazing is used throughout to maximize daylight and limit solar heat absorption.

Shaklee determined the CO2 emissions "footprint" of its entire operations and invested in national and international offset projects to zero out its emissions. As a Climate Neutral certified company, Shaklee agreed to fund projects ranging from upgrading existing oil steam boilers to efficient natural gas systems at four Portland, Oregon schools to providing solar generated electricity to rural populations in Sri Lanka and India.

Founded in 1956, Shaklee Corporation is an innovative global marketing company with a long history of caring about community and environmental issues. A diversified consumer products company, Shaklee is a leader in nutrition and has developed a skin care line with two patents that help to counter the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and free radicals.

In 1989, Shaklee was purchased as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., one of the largest and most profitable pharmaceutical companies in Japan. The combination of the two firms has created a global entity on the cutting edge of science and technology, offering high quality products that continue Shaklee's tradition of health, wellness and sensitivity to the environment. For more information, contact 1-800-SHAKLEE or visit www.

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Shaklee Corporation

For 50 years, Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium quality, natural nutrition, and personal care products, environmentally-friendly household products, and state-of-the-art air and water treatment systems. In 2000, Shaklee became the first company in the world to be Climate Neutralâ„¢ certified to totally offset its CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment. With a robust product portfolio, including more than 50 patents and patents pending worldwide, Shaklee has more than 750,000 Members and Distributors worldwide and operates in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and soon, in China. For more information, visit

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