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High-Level System Change, the Most Important Sustainability Issue, Addressed by UK Firm

High-Level System Change, the Most Important Sustainability Issue, Addressed by UK Firm

Published 03-27-07

Submitted by Global System Change

March 27, 2007 - An article by Frank Dixon, called The Business Case for High-Level System Change, summarizes a business-led, collaborative approach, called Sustainable Systems Implementation. SSI addresses the most complex and important challenge facing business and society "“ High-level system change.

SSI is being implemented by Gazeley Ltd, an independently operated Wal-Mart subsidiary based in the UK. Gazeley is a global real estate developer and sustainability pioneer that provides environmentally-superior distribution warehouses to Wal-Mart and many other clients around the world.

The article describes how flaws in overarching economic, political and social systems create growing problems for business and constitute the primary driver of declining environmental and social conditions.

Many good system change ideas and programs have been developed over the past 30 years. Most have low implementation rates in part because they did not take a whole system approach. SSI provides the whole system focus needed to overcome barriers to system improvement.

SSI is a collaborative approach that engages system change experts and leaders from business, government and civil society in dialogue and action for the purpose of driving rapid and effective high-level system change. A primary objective of SSI is to expedite implementation of the many good system change programs already developed, but not widely implemented.

The article further describes how businesses can gain substantial financial and competitive benefits from engaging in the practical SSI approach.

The Business Case article and related papers can be downloaded at

About Global System Change:
GSC was established by Frank Dixon to help businesses and other organizations effectively address systemic issues that drive growing problems for business and cause society to be unsustainable. Through SSI and other processes, GSC helps organizations implement practical, collaborative, profit-enhancing system change strategies. Prior to GSC, Frank Dixon oversaw the sustainability analysis of more than 2,000 firms as the Managing Director of Research at Innovest Strategic Value Advisors. He has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and is currently advising Wal-Mart, Gazeley and other firms on sustainability.

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