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Little Log Cabin in the Sky; Alta Log Homes on the Front Line of New Technology; Gucci Rustic New Trend in Homes

Little Log Cabin in the Sky; Alta Log Homes on the Front Line of New Technology; Gucci Rustic New Trend in Homes

Published 06-15-06

Submitted by Alta Log Homes

HALCOTTSVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2006--In Scotland and Ireland early in the 3rd century A.D. the Celts began to build homes made of logs. In fact the word "cabin" comes from the Gaelic "Cabine" for house of logs.

When the Scots and Irish began to settle in the new world early in the 17th century, once again they could realize their ancient building materials and the little log house of the prairie became the standard for early pioneers as they stretched out across America.

In the 21st Century log homes have moved to the forefront of new home design. According to Mike McCarthy, Editor in Chief of Log Homes Magazine, "Today log homes are very desirable with a significant increase in the number built. In 2006 there are estimated to be between 30,000 and 40,000 new log homes being erected across the country. McCarthy attributes this new interest in log home living to Baby Boomers who have shunned the MacMansions and Cookie Cutter style of traditional building methods for the wide open interior spaces of Log Home living and the luxury of great rooms.

"Maybe its Gucci Rustic," he says, "But many people seem to have a strong sense of the importance of the environment and building green, however they don't want to give up the luxury of wide open interior spaces with flexible design opportunities from rustic to elegant.

"Using logs as the main building material, a highly energy efficient home with no waste is created. Just look at traditional building methods with piles of sheet rock and lumber on site. With a log home every bit of the log is used, from left over logs for fencing to sawdust to mulch for the garden,"

Today a log home is a far cry from the tiny log cabins of the early settlers. Alta Log Homes, which is one of the largest makers of log homes in the north east, is now celebrating its 35th anniversary and is in the forefront of state-of-the art engineering and promotion of "Green Building."

The company is helping to set the national standard for resource efficient, high performance sustainable homes. The family owned manufacturer has become a pioneer in the creation of ENERGY STAR(R) log homes, which means that each home must meet strict criteria for energy efficiency.

"When a client chooses an ENERGY STAR(R) Alta Log Home they are making the choice to prevent over one and a quarter tons of greenhouse gases from ever reaching the atmosphere while also maintaining energy saving and a healthier interior and exterior environment." Says David Mann, vice president of Alta Log Homes.

"As part of our ongoing efforts too provide healthy and environmentally sound heirloom log homes that fulfill our client's lifestyle needs, Alta Log Homes is proud to participate in the U.S.
Green Building Council's LEED(R) for Homes Program. This is a demonstration pilot program with a prototype corporate model being constructed right now," continues Mr. Mann. In order to qualify for this pilot program an independent group of experts checks every aspect of the building process from its location within the environment to its protection of the environment by preventing dangerous elements escaping into the air," he explains.

Alta Log Homes' spacious design plans fit almost any design dream from cozy smaller houses to grand homes of 6,000 square feet or more. "The open floor plan allows for a multitude of design ideas from rustic to modern," says Donald Hill, a well known New York interior designer. "If home is where the heart lies, than Alta's Log Homes large choice of custom home plans allows the heart to wander through great spaces and find peace in front of a cozy fire place.

Alta Log Homes has been a leader in the log home industry since 1971 creating top quality homes that are as much at home in the back woods as they are in suburban communities.

Why have log homes suddenly become the place to live? Perhaps it's a yearning for something that is "green" made of renewable products with large open spaces that welcome the outdoors in, and designed with a warmth not found in many modern homes. Perhaps log homes call to the pioneer spirit in us all.

Log homes were the mainstay of immigrants who moved into the vast wilderness that was the early United States and as we move forward in the 21st century log homes again provide a new refuge for today's new pioneers.


Copyright Business Wire 2006

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