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Health-Conscious Consumers and Tea Lovers Discover the Taste of the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Mountains With New 'Srina' Organic Green Tea From MPGlobal Connect

Health-Conscious Consumers and Tea Lovers Discover the Taste of the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Mountains With New 'Srina' Organic Green Tea From MPGlobal Connect

Published 10-23-06

Submitted by MPGlobal Connect Inc.

NEW YORK and BALTIMORE-- Natural Products Expo East -- MPGlobal Connect Inc. today announced the release of Srina, its new organic green tea from Sri Lanka that's hand-plucked by local women farmers, packaged using banana fibers and tea leaves and full of various healthful benefits.

Medical research indicates that green tea such as contains powerful anti-oxidants and numerous other health promoting ingredients, which aid in strengthening immunity, preventing premature aging, and promoting a healthy heart, according to John Weisburger of the American Health Foundation.

In addition to offering a variety of healthful benefits to consumers, MPGlobal's new Srina tea (pronounced sree-nah) offers consumers a truly unique, refreshingly organic taste that can be found high up in the Sri Lankan (Ceylon) mountains, said Monaqui Porter Young, MPGlobal's president and CEO. "We're trying to help people get back to drinking, eating and living the way nature intended -- naturally and organically," Porter Young said. "I've traveled and worked in Sri Lanka for four years to better understand the tea-making process to offer people the best tea this earth is capable of producing."

"My job is to ensure the authenticity that people come to expect from Ceylon tea and to be innovative with packaging, taste, and service," said Meraash Deen, MPGlobal's executive creative director. Deen, a native of Sri Lanka, has worked at Paradise Farm studying Organic farming and the tea making process.

Consumers who buy Srina tea will effectively be supporting the Paradise Community Project in Sri Lanka and helping small-scale farmers. The Project is committed to eco-friendly farming and offers these farmers above-average wages, a clean and safe working environment and training towards sustainable development using local natural resources.

For more information on Srina tea or to join the Srina Tea Club -- which offers discounts and coupons on Srina products -- visit at

About MPGlobal Connect Inc.

Located in New York City, MPGC is the exclusive importer and distributor for Srina green tea in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company's president and CEO, Monaqui Porter Young, has traveled and worked in Sri Lanka for four years studying organic farming, sustainable development and the tea-making process. A Certified Holistic Health counselor, Porter Young offers insight and suggestions on health benefits of green tea and nutrition through the company's e-newsletter:

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MPGlobal Connect Inc.

MPGlobal Connect Inc.

MPGlobal Connect Inc.,(MPGC) is the exclusive import/export and distributor of Srina Organic Green Tea. Founded in 2003, MPGlobal Connect Inc. is based in New York City. The company is focused on introducing Srina Organic Green Tea that is hand plucked, produced, and packaged in Paradise Farm, a 90 acre Rainforest in Sri Lanka. MPGC is a socially responsible corporation committed to helping the small-scale farmers of Paradise Farm towards sustainable development using natural local resources.

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