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ICValue's Model Portfolio Exceeds Five of Six SRI Funds

ICValue's Model Portfolio Exceeds Five of Six SRI Funds

Published 06-18-07

Submitted by ICValue, Inc.

OXFORD, OH - June 15, 2007 - ICValue announced today that its 60-Stock Model Portfolio outperformed five of six comparable socially responsible investment funds during 2006. A comparison of one-year and five-year returns for the period ending 12/31/2006 shows that ICValue’s Model Portfolio has estimated returns* of 19.4% and 12.51% over these periods, exceeding most comparable portfolios over that time frame. The Table below shows the results and the performance of each portfolio's benchmark. ICValue and two other portfolios exceeded their benchmark in 2006, while four did not. The complete report is at our website.

PortfolioBenchmark1 Year %5 Years
ICValue 60 Portofolio 19.4412.51
S&P Global 10020.426.96
S&P 500Index15.796.19
Portofolio 2124.7815.17
MSCI World Equity Index20.6515.23
Winslow Green Growth Fund8.329.70
Russell 2000 Growth Index13.356.93
Domini Social Equity Fund12.584.82
S&P 500 Index15.796.19
Calvert Social Index Fund12.064.66
Lipper MultiCap Core Index13.316.64
Green Century Equity Fund12.064.28
S&P 500 Index15.806.20
Spectra Green Fund15.101.55
Russell 3000 Growth Index9.463.01

* Simulated return does not represent actual performance and is for illustration purposes.
** Sorted by 5 years column. Data as of 12/31/2006.

The returns for each portfolio over the five-year period show that all results are depressed somewhat because they include the 2002 recession. The 2006 data show good returns for two of the portfolios, ICValue's 60-Stock portfolio and Portfolio 21, both of which emphasize environmental performance and related management and governance criteria. Both have balanced coverage of all business sectors and place significant emphasis on overseas companies. An important difference is that ICValue holds 40% overseas multinationals and Portfolio 21 holds 75% overseas companies.

A separate analysis is required to measure the environmental or social achievements of these portfolios. An example of this is shown in the report Measuring Company Improvement in Environmental Performance over Time - A Return on Investment, available at ICValue's website. ICValue's portfolio is selected to achieve dual return, environmental as well as financial, and upcoming reports will further illustrate these joint returns.

ICValue Inc. is an Oxford, Ohio investment research company that calculates environmental "total scores" on each of over 200 companies. Up to 160 indicators are used, yielding 50 metrics that cover conservation in water use, land use change, toxic emissions trends, nutrient discharges to aquatic ecosystems, recycling, and biodiversity protection, along with energy-use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions management. More information is available on our website,

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ICValue, Inc.

ICValue, Inc.

ICValue was formed to provide independent, science-based research on the environmental performance of companies for conservation-minded investors. Our focus is on large-capitalization firms whose ecological impact could be very significant, but with good management, can be modest. Our goal is to guide major investors to the best performing companies, especially in environmentally sensitive regions of the U.S. ICValue’s product builds onto the increasing commitment of major industries to sustainability and a “triple bottom line,” an approach that includes environmental performance along with social and financial performance. We use new research methods, rooted in ecosystem science, to present an environmental balance sheet for these companies. Transparency in many companies’ environmental or sustainability reporting allows us to identify investment opportunities that restore ecosystem value and avoid serious environmental damage. ICValue serves a growing need to inform investors about the new environmental protection efforts of large-cap businesses.

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