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In The Service Of All Nations - rethos.com is Princeton University's Homegrown Platform For Change

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Posted: May 15, 2007 – 07:20 PM EST


Leading Princeton University Thinkers Unite

May 15 /CSRwire/ -

"if enough people unite, change is inevitable"
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PRINCETON, NJ - May 15, 2007 - You know something is up when a room full of academics is able to agree. A new social venture rethos.com(TM)has proven that leading academics at Princeton University share the common belief that new solutions are needed to unite, inform and engage global citizens to tackle the pressing social and environmental issues facing our world today.

Described in press as "Myspace.com with a conscience," rethos.com is the world's first social networking platform and media portal devoted to uniting individuals, non-profit organizations, socially responsible businesses and academia on social and environmental issues.

Allied on this new platform for change, are: Hal Feiveson, co-Director of the Program on Science and Global Security, and a man at the center of the debate on nuclear proliferation; Stanley Katz, Director of the Center for Arts and Cultural Studies at the Woodrow Wilson School, and visionary on the changing nature of citizen and corporate philanthropy; Michael Oppenheimer, Director of the Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School, and leading authority on Climate Change; and Cornel West, a writer and tireless critic of democracy decay and racial inequality.

True to Princeton University's motto "in the nations service, and the service of all nations," the collaboration exemplifies the initiative of its professors at Princeton University to serve by supporting rethos.com's team of social entrepreneurs' new solution to bring activism into the 21st century. The homegrown venture was started off a dorm-room floor at Princeton University by undergraduate, Alex Salzman '07 and two other co-founders.

"Global temperatures are unequivocally rising due to the heedless emission of greenhouse gases. Rethos.com can be another important means of spreading information about climate change and available solutions," Prof. Oppenheimer noted.

"It is an honor to be part of rethos.com. The mission is admirable and the plan is a compelling new approach to urban poverty and other social and environmental issues," noted Prof. West.

"Our job is to assemble information and produce new insight into critical issues related to the security of our planet - rethos.com plays an important role in making this information accessible to people around the globe," Prof. Feiveson acknowledged.

Prof. Katz commented, "Corporate philanthropy dropped after its peak in the 1970's. We are now seeing a movement in corporate social responsibility led by consumer demand. It will be exciting to see how far rethos.com can push that demand."

Salzman said, "Enrolling in Princeton University, every student has a duty to acknowledge what this institution is built on: a responsibility to lead and use the education we have been given in order to realize a world where poverty and war are banished, environmental destruction and social injustice are gone. We must act now to achieve this. Uniting the world's leading thinkers is part of our realistic plan to realize our mission."

About Rethos

rethos.com(TM) is the world's first online social network and media portal devoted to uniting individuals, non-profit organizations, and socially responsible businesses to generate solutions to urgent social and environmental issues. As a platform for change, rethos.com enables users to receive comprehensive information, unite with allies who share a common passion and purpose, and take urgently needed action.

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Phone: 609.213.7373


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