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Rentricity Partners With UK Water Industry Authority Mouchel Parkman In Global Clean Energy Recovery Plan for Water Companies

Rentricity Partners With UK Water Industry Authority Mouchel Parkman In Global Clean Energy Recovery Plan for Water Companies

Published 05-30-07

Submitted by Rentricity, Inc.

Rentricity, a US-based clean energy recovery company, and UK-based professional support services firm Mouchel Parkman are working together to market across Europe and beyond Rentricity's technology that uses a microturbine to generate clean energy by capturing pressure that is typically released through pressure release valves attached to water company piping systems.

New York, NY- May 30, 2007- Rentricity Inc., the US-based renewable energy recovery company, and Mouchel Parkman plc, water and energy conservation business consultants to public and private water companies all across the United Kingdom, have established Rentricity Ltd., a UK-based joint venture to capitalize on the clean energy potential found within untapped pressures and flows of water company piping systems.

Rentricity Ltd. will seek to partner with various renewable energy agencies and water companies to develop a series of clean energy recovery projects first in the United Kingdom, and later in South Africa and the Middle East.

Mouchel Parkman, a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange, employs nearly 7,000 in more than 80 offices across the UK, Ireland and internationally. The professional support services company provides a wide range of strategic management services ranging from policy development, project conception, planning and feasibility, to design and construction, asset management and maintenance. More than 800 employees are dedicated to the company's water division. The company's 2006 Annual Report notes that revenues were up 21 percent to £374.0 million while underlying operating profits increased by 26 percent.

"We are excited about the prospects for recovering clean energy from our water company clients' systems," says Piers Clark, managing director of Mouchel Parkman's Utilities Division. "While creating a new source of revenue for our clients, we'll also be supporting the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the United Kingdom."

The partnership is built around a Rentricity technology that uses a microturbine to generate clean energy by capturing pressure that is typically released through pressure release valves attached to water mains. Pressure energy is an essential element of water distribution and is required to circulate water through distribution systems. It's thought that the Rentricity technology can also be transferred to similar-sized gas mains and piping systems for other kinds of pressurized liquids.

Several leading UK water companies - including Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water, Severn Trent Water, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities - have already expressed a keen interest and a number are currently considering further feasibility work following initial presentations. Other organizations, including British Waterways, the Carbon Trust, and New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC), have also expressed interest.

"The idea is to identify all the pressure points in a water distribution system and systematically establish micro clean energy recovery plants across the network," says Frank Zammataro, president and co-founder of Rentricity. "Rentricity Ltd. is our first move into international markets and we expect increased demand as nations seek to create new methods for clean energy to offset carbon emissions."

A single Rentricity Flow-to-Wire microturbine unit can produce between 30 and 200 kilowatts of clean, renewable power. To date, Rentricity has identified over 3 megawatts of addressable sites in the United States, and completed a demonstration of the technology in Stamford, Connecticut with the Aquarion Water Company.

"It is a natural next step for water companies to add energy recovery technology to their infrastructure developments," says George Taylor who has been named managing director of Rentricity Ltd. "By conducting thorough energy recovery audits, water companies can then strategically and tactically plan to add energy recovery into their capital improvement plans. Mouchel Parkman has maintained a long history of supporting water systems and will bring a depth of engineering and construction management talent to new projects identified by the joint venture."

UK Trade & Investment, a UK government organization, has already advised Rentricity Ltd. and hopes to see future growth in this form of renewable energy in the UK. "The joint venture between Rentricity Ltd and Mouchel Parkman highlights the expertise and regulatory support the UK has to offer for renewable and energy efficiency innovations," says Rebecca Lewis, a UK Trade & Investment representative. "We are thrilled to be working with Rentricity and look forward to assisting the team in expanding the business internationally."

About Rentricity:

Rentricity, Inc. is an early-stage Delaware corporation focused on transforming into electricity the untapped energy in various man-made pipe systems. To harness this energy, Rentricity uses its patent pending Flow-to-Wiresâ„¢ systems. These "smart" devices consist of a micro-turbine, generator, sensors, processors, electronic controls, and communications equipment that operate autonomously. The company will provide many benefits to its water utility partners and the local community. Integrated sensors enable Rentricity to offer its RenFlow (sm) information services to partners. These services provide real-time system performance data and assist partners to maximize operational efficiencies and security. The company can be reached at

About Mouchel Parkman:

Mouchel Parkman is a professional support services company based in the UK. It manages road networks, public buildings, rail infrastructure, homes, schools and utilities on behalf of central and local government, public-sector agencies and businesses. Its technical and commercial know-how enables the company to handle long-term managed contracts, deliver services via pre-qualified framework agreements, or provide targeted project management and consultancy solutions worldwide. For further information, please visit

About UK Trade & Investment:

UK Trade & Investment helps UK-based companies to expand with confidence in an increasingly global economy. Its services include advice and training, providing incisive market information and giving help for visits to explore overseas commercial opportunities.

UK Trade & Investment also enables overseas companies to invest in a vibrant, diversified and robust economy - acknowledged as the crossroads of world business. It provides support and advice at all stages of business decision-making.

UK Trade & Investment does all this by offering essential knowledge, expertise and contacts through a network of sector specialists and support teams throughout the UK, and in British Embassies and other diplomatic missions around the world.

For further information, please visit

Rentricity, Inc. logo

Rentricity, Inc.

Rentricity, Inc.

Rentricity Inc. is a renewable energy & monitoring company that uses its proprietary and patent-pending energy recovery configurations called Flow-to-Wire(sm) systems to transform untapped energy in various man-made processes into electricity. The surplus energy being targeted is contained in pipes where the materials moving inside them exert excess pressure. The initial application focus is renewable energy recovery for Water Utilities. The Flow-to-Wire(sm systems convert excess pressure in public water distribution mains into clean electric power. A single Flow-to-Wiresm system produces between 20 and 300 KW. Rentricity gives its generating partners an additional source of revenue. RenFlosm information services and sensors provide valuable data via a secure Internet-based wireless network that enables water utilities to maximize operational efficiencies and help safeguard the water supply against homeland security threats. Rentricity Flow-to-Wiresm systems have no environmental impact and represent a new class of clean, renewable energy. Sizable opportunities also exist in wastewater, irrigation, natural gas pipelines, steam pipelines, and industrial facilities. As the Company installs thousands of units worldwide, Rentricity will produce hundreds of megawatts in aggregate.

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