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GreenPrint and Xerox Team Up to Help Customers Reduce Wasteful Printing

Published 11-01-07

Submitted by GreenPrint Technologies

PORTLAND, OR - November 1, 2007 - GreenPrint Technologies today announced it is teaming up with Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) to bundle GreenPrint Enterprise software with Xerox's Phaser(R) 8560 and Phaser(R)8860 solid ink color printers. With the purchase of a solid ink printer, Xerox customers will have the opportunity to download a full version of GreenPrint Enterprise software at no cost. This effort further promotes the missions of GreenPrint and Xerox to provide environmental and cost-saving benefits to their customers.

"We see bundling our software with Xerox solid ink printers as an ideal fit in a lot of ways," said GreenPrint CEO Hayden Hamilton. "The solid ink printers have been designed to eliminate the waste associated with toner cartridges, bringing annual waste related to packaging and cartridges down from 157 pounds to 5 pounds per printer. With the inclusion of GreenPrint, their solid ink users can eliminate unnecessary printed pages, reducing the waste and cost associated with printing by an additional 15-20% across the board."

GreenPrint software eliminates waste before printing, saving paper, ink, and millions of trees. It does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looking for typical waste characteristics (e.g. pages with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or legal jargon) and then highlighting and removing them. GreenPrint also allows users to remove images from a page with a single click before printing, resulting in significant savings in ink or toner. GreenPrint saves the average user over $90 and 1,400 wasted pages per year and allows enterprises to quantify the ecological benefits and cost saving benefits that result from using the software.

Xerox solid ink printers greatly reduce the waste associated with disposable toner and ink consumables by using solid sticks of non-toxic ink instead of toner or inkjet cartridges. Solid ink prints on a wide range of media and produces 90% less waste than a typical color laser printer.

"Xerox is committed to protecting the environment. The design and minimal packaging used in our solid ink products mean no cartridges to dispose of and far less packaging to add to landfills," said Jim Rise, vice president and general manager, Xerox's Solid Ink Business Unit. "The addition of the GreenPrint software to our solid ink machines is yet another tool to help customers reduce the environmental impact of printing."

The bundle will be offered worldwide with every purchase of a Xerox solid ink device starting November 1st, 2007. The software is available in 14 languages and will include GreenPrint's standard warranty and support package. To access the GreenPrint download, customers will need to enter their Xerox serial number at To learn more about this Xerox solid ink/GreenPrint offer, please visit:

GreenPrint Technologies, LLC is the maker of GreenPrint Home and GreenPrint Enterprise software designed to reduce waste in home and office printing. The software eliminates wasteful pages before they are printed, incorporates a PDF writer to provide an alternative to printing, and provides easy options to save ink and toner. For more information please visit

Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. A $16 billion company, Xerox provides the document industry's broadest portfolio of offerings. Digital systems include color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses and "book factories," multifunction devices, laser and solid ink network printers, copiers and fax machines. For more information please visit

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GreenPrint Technologies

GreenPrint Technologies is the maker of products that are designed to reduce waste in home and office printing including: GreenPrint World software - free for home users, schools and non-profits, GreePrint Home and Enterprise software for PCs, GreenPrint Mac for OSX, and the EverGreen Font for Mac and PC. GreenPrint software eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically, saving time, money, and trees. GreenPrint does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looking for typical waste characteristics (like that last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or legal jargon). GreenPrint also incorporates an easy to use PDF writer, an innovative print preview, and a reporting feature which keeps track of the number of pages and the amount of money saved. GreenPrint will have a staggering environmental impact when widely adopted. If all new computers sold in 2006 used GreenPrint, 36 million trees would be saved, reducing CO2 emissions by over 117 tons - the equivalent of taking 23 million cars off the road for an entire year! The average Fortune 500 company using GreenPrint will save over $2 million, 4000 trees and prevent more than 12,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

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