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Benjamin Moore, Whole Foods, Sprint, SAP, Sharp confirmed for NYC event

Published 04-28-09

Submitted by Green Power Conferences

NEW YORK, NY. - April 28, 2009 - Benjamin Moore, Whole Foods, SAP, Sprint, AEP and Sharp are among the companies confirmed to participate in an event dedicated to corporate strategies for engaging stakeholders on sustainability in New York. Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement will take place July 15-16 in NYC and will include a special interactive session on how companies are using social media to communicate on sustainability issues. Rob Reed, CEO and Founder of Max Gladwell, and Richard Seireeni, author of The Gort Cloud and founder of Brand Architect Group, are among those participating in this innovative session.

Companies are facing increasing pressure from customers, investors, communities and NGOs on a diverse range of sustainability issues including climate change, water usage, regulation, biodiversity and resource management. Smart companies realise that systematic engagement with all stakeholders is an essential prerequisite for any long-term sustainability plan. Now more than ever, forward thinking corporate leaders recognise the role of stakeholder engagement as a driver for industry leadership, competitive advantage and for future-proof, profitable businesses.

Drawing on real-world examples from insightful corporates and major stakeholder groups, this conference will highlight best practices in the complexities of multi-stakeholder engagement. This two-day, high-level event will chart a course for the next generation stakeholder communication necessary for a sustainable corporate America.

This event is part of Green Power Conferences' series of events called Action for a Sustainable America at which agenda setting companies meet to examine the opportunities and challenges facing organisations and companies who want to systematically respond to the many issues surrounding sustainability.

Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement offers the latest innovations in corporate sustainability engagement with multi-stakeholders including this ground-breaking session on using social media to build corporate green credentials. Attendees will find out what works and what doesn't work when companies engage with consumers, investors, NGOs, special interest groups, communities, and employees on sustainability issues.

Check out the full event program and register soon.

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For more information, please contact: Adrienne Baker, 604-569-1752 or

About Action for a Sustainable America

Action for a Sustainable America is a series of conferences across the US at which leaders from corporations and organisations will meet to examine how they are using sustainability to redefine corporate strategy and drive management practice. The series kicks off in Seattle, June 10-11 and continues in Chicago (September) and Miami (November). These strategic and management focused events are complemented by detailed sector focused conferences on Manufacturing (Chicago, April), Stakeholder Engagement (July, New York), Fashion (September, Chicago), Water (San Francisco, December) and Food (San Francisco, December).

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Green Power Conferences provides high quality, interactive events specializing in four areas: Renewables, Biofuels, Carbon Markets and Action for a Sustainable America.

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Green Power Conferences

Green Power Conferences provides high quality, interactive events specializing in four areas: Renewables, Biofuels, Carbon Markets and Corporate Climate Response. Corporate Climate Response events bring together companies, regulators and other carbon experts to discuss how companies can best reduce their overall carbon emissions.

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