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Are Corporations Equipped for the 21st Century?

Are Corporations Equipped for the 21st Century?

Published 11-07-07

Submitted by Corporation 20/20

The Summit on the Future of the Corporation is inspired by the growing tension between the emergence of the corporation as the world's most powerful and innovative social institution and the growing severity of social and environmental problems that plague billions of people. As the tension between these two realities grows, the roles, responsibilities and rights of business are the subject of increasing controversy, as are the relationships of the corporation to government and civil society. At the same time, it is a moment of opportunity for business to apply its unparalleled resources to solving pressing global issues. This complex landscape is evolving, contested and, to a large measure, unresolved.

The event will offer fresh perspectives on key building blocks of the corporation, including its governance, directors' duties, ownership, capitalization, primacy of investors' claims, and internal rewards and incentives.

The Summit marks an historical moment for considering how the most influential social institution of our time can serve the broader public interest essential to its own long-term prosperity, and to begin designing corporate forms that recognize the reciprocity between private and public interests.

Join John Elkington, Mindy Lubber, Henry Mintzberg, Robert Monks and Peter Senge along with other thought leaders at Historic Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA on Novermber 13th & 14th, 2007.

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Corporation 20/20

Corporation 20/20

Corporation 20/20 seeks to: create a forum of leading thinkers, practitioners and advocates; construct positive and plausible visions of the future corporate form, and translate such visions into broad-based advocacy. Toward those ends, the initiative aims to create international benchmarks to inspire and guide corporations, governments, multilateral organizations and civil society toward transformative change in corporate design, including ownership structures, governance, corporate law reform, capitalization and internal incentives and rewards. Corporation 20/20 is rooted in the premise that societal expectations of business in the 21st century demands a major elevation in corporate contributions to urgent global problems—economic, environmental, and social.

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