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SBNYC, New York City's Network Of Locally Owned Businesses, Joins BALLE National Initiative To Support Local Living Economies.

SBNYC, New York City's Network Of Locally Owned Businesses, Joins BALLE National Initiative To Support Local Living Economies.

Published 09-02-08

Submitted by Earth Advertising

September 2, 2008 - A major milestone toward becoming the world’s greenest city, New York City's new network of sustainable local businesses has gained international clout. The Sustainable Business Network of New York City founded in January 2008 has been accepted as a member to national BALLE-- Business Alliance for Local Living Economies.

"SBNYC was founded to support what has always made NYC distinct- its locally owned and operated businesses. These give meaning to our daily lives, offering a sense of community and local jobs," says Sandi Franklin, Director of the Center for Urban Environment, which is the headquarters for SBNYC. "Acceptance to BALLE gives members in NYC's five boroughs access to a wealth of resources designed to help them prosper, network, mentor one another, and build the kind of leadership we need for a strong and sustainable local economy."

To welcome New York City as BALLE's newest member, Judy Wicks from Philadelphia's White Dog Cafe and Foundation addressed SBNYC and affirmed the importance of local business, the "backbone of a just society." BALLE, which now has over 50 networks and 30,000 members nationwide, is the brainchild Ms. Wicks and other members of the Social Venture Network.

SBNYC founders, members and staff attended the 6th Annual BALLE Conference in Boston on June 6 where hundreds of independent business owners, local government officials, and community leaders gathered for four days to share strategies and ideas on how to grow community wealth through strong locally-owned businesses. Among the speakers were Majora Carter, Sustainable South Bronx founder and the author of Greening the Ghetto, and Bill McKibben, founder of Step It Up and the author of Deep Economy.

Membership to SBNYC is open to locally owned and operated businesses who recognize their role as agents of change and who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that result in lasting improvements to local and global communities. Membership in New York City has grown to 65 businesses with concentrations in areas such as renewable energy, local manufacturing, local & sustainable food, independent retail, and green construction and design.

SBNYC's mission is to connect New York City's local entrepreneurs, to provide expertise on how to implement a triple bottom line for people-planet-profits, and to increase awareness among New Yorkers about the tremendous impact of how and with whom they do business.

SBNYC builds on the energy of its members and the successful model of BALLE. Membership benefits include bi-monthly networking events, seminars and mentorship circles, inclusion in a local resource directory, website presence, and participation in a new Think Local First public outreach campaign to educate New Yorkers about the environmental, personal and community benefits of buying local goods and services.

To find out more about the benefits of SBNYC membership or to learn about upcoming events, visit or write to

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