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A Plea to Warren Buffett From the Residents of Somerville, Texas

Published 01-15-08

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NEW YORK, NY - January 15, 2008 - /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following release is being issued by the

You are the largest shareholder in Burlington North Santa Fe Railroad Company (BNSF). There is a trial going on in Fort Worth Texas. People believe their town has been destroyed by BNSF's negligent behavior. BNSF is being accused of burning railroad ties illegally releasing toxins into the air.

Did you know this happened?

Do you know tests show the levels of Dioxin in Somerville, Texas are some of the highest ever recorded in the USA?

We all know you are one of the wealthiest Americans, very philanthropic and very influential. Do you know how the people of Somerville have suffered?

Warren have you met Linda Faust?

She is a 40-year-old Somerville resident, who was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of stomach cancer, which doctors determined required the complete removal of her stomach. In just three weeks after being diagnosed, Linda's entire stomach was removed; her esophagus is now attached directly to her intestines. Her doctors did not believe Linda would live to see the New Year. But she has and her trial began Tuesday in Fort Worth Texas.

Warren have you met Dennis Davis?

He has pancreatic cancer. He worked for BNSF

How about Don Hightower who developed an aggressive skin cancer that devoured his face?

You could meet Makayla Antu who was born with severe birth defects.

You could also meet Robert Weiss of (New York), attorney for Linda Faust.

Will you speak with the hundreds of other Somerville residents living with cancer?

What will you do to protect the children who are going to school where the levels of Dioxin are considered lethal? What will these children do? Will you build them a new school?

What hope can you give the people of this toxic town?

What will these people do?

We are waiting for a response Mr. Buffett.

FOR Additional information:

Log onto and click onto Somerville, Texas.

FOR Press information or to arrange an interview with Robert Weiss of and attorney for Linda Faust please contact:

Becky Fawcett / The Fawcett Group PR New York

Cell: 610.348.4555

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