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Vineck Company Develops 21st Century Technology for Backup Generators

Published 03-19-08

Submitted by Vineck Manufacturing & Sales

March 19, 2008 - The Vineck Company released our Hybrid Standby/Emergency Power Generator (Pat. Pending) that is the next generation of backup generators for the 21st century. Addressing many of the faults of present-day generator technology developed our Hybrid Generator technology.

Present-day backup generator technology is based on sensing the presence or loss of utility power, regardless of the need for electrical energy. When utility power is lost, these generators are started and run continuously until utility power is restored. This is a very primitive approach, and also very, very, costly in fuel to operate.

For example; an average size residential home, with predetermined loads requiring backup power; Sump Pump, Refrigerator, Furnace, Lighting, and TV. Manufacturers utilizing today’s generator technology will specify a 12,000-watt standby generator. The 12,000 watts is based on adding together all the predetermined loads, and calculating they will, at some point, all require electrical energy at the same time.

Their calculation is indeed warranted because these items do occasionally require electrical power simultaneously, however it happens rarely. The fact that it could happen even once requires generator manufacturers to size the generator according to whatever load may be imposed, and 25% more. Present day standby generator technology is designed to do just that; at the loss of utility power, the standby generator automatically starts and stands by to provide rated power. If the outage lasts 48 hours, the standby generator will run 48 hrs, burning fuel 48 hrs, in order to standby to provide 12,000 watts.

The sump pump, refrigerator, furnace, lighting are all 'intermittent' loads. Sump pumps rarely start during cold winter months, furnace (800 watts) may operate every 30 out of 60 minutes totaling 24hours in a 48 hr period (19.2 kWh), refrigerator (800 watts) may operate every 10 out of 60 minutes totaling 4.8 hours in a 48 hr period (3.8 kWh), lighting and TV (1000 watts) will be turned on as needed, we can also give 24 hrs usage out of 48 hrs (24 kWh) for a total of 47 kWh

So in the 48-hour period, we only needed 47 kWh; However, present day generator technology cannot provide electrical energy as needed, it can only provide its rated output. So our 12,000-watt generator burned fuel for 48 hrs to provide 576 kWh standby electrical energy, of which 47 kWh was actually needed. Of the natural gas or lp gas required to produce the 576 kWh, 529 kWh was wasted.

Vineck technology is based on sensing not only utility-power loss, but also the need for electrical energy. Vineck technology utilizes special batteries to store bulk power, inverter and controller, and a small 1000-watt generator. For the example above, at the loss of power, a transfer switch connects the sump, furnace, refrigerator, lighting & TV to battery power. As the battery power is drained, the 1000-watt generator starts to recharge the batteries; it cycles on and off to deliver only the electrical energy required. Further benefits are:

Our Hybrid Generator can be recharged with a roof top 400-watt wind generator and solar panels. Furthermore, our batteries are the same used in wind and solar applications, and can easily be adapted to green energy.

Our Hybrid Generator is also easily expandable by adding more batteries, providing for more bulk reserve power.
Our Hybrid Generator is also adaptable for those who have generators, they can use their generator to charge our system rather than purchase our generator.

We intend to build a 21st century manufacturing and distribution facility. However, this does not mean that we want to build an automated manufacturing and exclude people; rather we realize that we need to provide good paying jobs to those who will buy our products. Our 21st century facility will be powered via a combination of solar and wind electric generation equipment that we will maintain.

Our plans include building a 1 million sq. Ft. manufacturing and distribution facility, powered by wind and solar to manufacture our products. Hybrid Generator Dealerships are available in the 50 US states, starting at $75,000.

Vineck Manufacturing & Sales

Vineck Manufacturing & Sales

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