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Pennsylvania Legislature to Hold Hearings on Business-Backed Single-Payer Bill

Published 03-18-08

Submitted by Healthcare For All Pennsylvanians

PHILADELPHIA, PA - March 18, 2008 - "The healthcare system is broken and we've got a plan to fix it, in contrast to the presidential candidates campaigning in Pennsylvania," said Chuck Pennacchio, Executive Director of healthcare advocacy group Healthcare for All Pennsylvanians (

On Wednesday, March 19th, the Pennsylvania Health and Human Services Committee will hold public hearings on House Bill 1660, The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act, a unique universal single-payer bill healthcare bill that has won the support of 43 legislators, businesses, healthcare providers, and a growing number of citizens, as well as a pledge by Governor Rendell to sign the bill if it passes.

"Eighty-seven (87) nations and our own Medicare system can't be wrong; in fact, they demonstrate clearly that the only proven method for delivering quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all is through a single-payer model," Pennacchio adds. "In the case of Pennsylvania's own House Bill 1660 (and Senate Bill 300), healthcare delivery is to be publicly-funded and privately-provided. Everybody in, nobody out. Period. We fully anticipate that we'll save at least 10 billion business and consumer dollars annually over the current broken system, generate new economic development and health-sector job growth while delivering high quality healthcare to Pennsylvania's 12 million-plus citizens."

The healthcare plan is bolder and more economically sensible than either the Obama or Clinton plan, and can serve as a model for the rest of the country. "This bill would save my business over $50,000 per year, but for larger companies like manufacturers it could save hundreds of thousands," says Charlie Crystle, CEO of Mission Research, a software company in the state. "Rates keep doubling every 3 years, taking money out of economic growth engines like my business and putting it into an unproductive, unnecessary level of bloated, corporate bureaucracy that our healthcare payment system has become. It's time to get businesses out of the health plan administration business, reduce costs, and cover all people, and this bill does just that."

The hearing details are as follows:

What: Hearing for House Bill 1660.

When: Wednesday, March 19, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Where: Majority Caucus Room, #140, State Capitol Building, Harrisburg

Pro-HB 1660 testifiers: Dr. Walter Tsou, MD (nation's foremost expert on single-payer); Kate Loving Shenk, RN (nurse); Dr. Bill Davidson, MD (physician); Martin Schor (pharmaceutical executive, retired); Sean Flaherty, Ph.D (economist, Franklin & Marshall); Rev. Sandra L. Strauss (Pennsylvania Council of Churches); Chuck Pennacchio, Ph.D. (Healthcare for All Pennsylvania)

Healthcare For All Pennsylvanians

Healthcare For All Pennsylvanians

Healthcare for All Pennsylvania advocates for single-payer healthcare in Pennsylvania through The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act, a single-payer bill that guarantees healthcare for all residents and lowers cost for business.

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