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ARI Technologies, Inc. Signs Deal With Major U.K. Firm

Published 05-01-08

Submitted by ARI Technologies, Inc.

KENT, Wash., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ARI Technologies, Inc., a leading waste management technology developer has signed an agreement granting exclusive licensing rights for its patented thermochemical conversion technology to Pectel Group; a leader in the asbestos removal industry in the UK and Ireland. This innovative technology was developed, patented and commercialized by ARI. It destroys asbestos fibers through a thermal and chemical process, producing an inert, non-toxic, recycled, construction aggregate. This ground-breaking technology is revolutionary in that it costs less than half that of other available processes that melt the waste.

Billions of tons of asbestos were used for decades around the World in a wide variety of products with which humans commonly come into contact. The severe and often fatal health effects resulting from exposure to asbestos fibers has prompted a worldwide effort to ban its use and to remove it from facilities where there is a potential for exposure to humans. Once removed, most asbestos waste has historically been dumped in landfills because other destruction technologies are just too expensive. It has become clear that simply dumping waste does not solve the problem. ARI spent years developing and perfecting its thermochemical conversion process which offers a superior alternative to dumping for a fraction of the cost of other destruction technologies. ARI is showing success in marketing the technology globally.

ARI Technologies, Inc. President, Dale Timmons comments, "The signing of this licensing agreement will introduce our technology to the European market. We expect rapid growth as other waste management companies realize the advantages of using this technology. The Pectel Group is well positioned in the UK waste industry to rapidly deploy the technology. We believe that their experience and knowledge, coupled with ARI's technology will bring life changing benefits to the UK and Ireland."

Pectel Group is a 25-year old multi-disciplined organization providing commercial construction services across UK, Europe and Asia. Pectel Group was committed to become the first organization in the UK to implement thermochemical conversion.

Scott Murray, Pectel Group's Managing Director comments, "The signing of this exclusive agreement is a tremendous milestone in the life of our company. We will now be able to leave a mark on this world for future generations providing a technology that will eliminate this life destroying material that had been so readily used in our society."

ARI Technologies, Inc.

ARI Technologies, Inc.

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