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The Allianz Knowledge Newsletter Asks: Adapting to Climate Change: Can we do it again?

Published 09-16-08

Submitted by Allianz

Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme, talks about "perhaps the greatest challenge we have faced in the history of humankind."

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It may not be front-page news right now, but climate change is still here to stay. Whatever we do now, a certain degree of warming is inevitable. The damage is already done.

For many vulnerable societies, the priority must be adaptation.Our top story looks at how this can be done. WWF climate expert Kit Vaughan talks about the limits of adaptation, and why it could shake the foundations of our society.

Furthermore we have a close look at China after the Olympics have closed. Beijing cleaned up its act for the Olympics. After the party, will it go back to business as usual or consolidate environmental gains? For those who want to know more about the country's real challenges, our demographic profile looks at how population growth, urbanization, and migration are transforming the world's most populous nation. David Phillips, professor of social policy in Hong Kong, tells us whether China's one-child policy is a success or burden, while Du Peng from Beijing's Institute of Gerontology explains why aging - not population growth - might be China's biggest demographic problem.

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