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Announcing the Launch of The International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Published 09-03-08

Submitted by International Society of Sustainability Professionals

- September 3, 2008 - This newly created professional association is designed to serve those who work in the sustainability field. By bridging frameworks, sectors, philosophies, and geographic areas, ISSP members will take sustainability to the next level. Many colleagues have expressed a desire to connect with others who are doing this work to support and learn from one another. ISSP was created to respond to the need for networking, professional development and standardization in this burgeoning field. By leveraging technology ISSP is able to provide the services normally associated with a professional association in a more timely and environmentally responsible manner.

What Does ISSP Offer?

Networking - Find professionals anywhere in the world who are working on similar projects or who have similar interests
Resources - Search website for useful, vetted tools, articles, and resources, get the monthly newsletter and periodic reports
Professional development - Expand your skills, review job postings, attend learning events

Benefits of Membership

  • Searchable membership directory
  • Newsletter (eventually a professional journal)
  • Distance learning and webinars
  • Access to database of resources
  • Current research on methods and technologies
  • Career assistance
  • Collegiality and collaboration
  • Professional credibility
  • Discounts on publications, conferences and other resources
What members are saying...

"The launch of ISSP is a significant milestone on the global journey to sustainability. It is the perfect time for sustainability professionals to partner and help each other be more effective and successful sustainability champions. Together we have the knowledge, skills, connections, and will to accomplish the necessary acceleration of sustainability strategies in all sectors. It is exciting to be a part of this impressive organization!"
- Bob Willard, author of The Next Sustainability Wave and The Sustainability Advantage

"It's an exciting time to be a sustainability professional, but it also can be overwhelming and lonely. As the greening of business has gone from the margins to the mainstream, there is a vital need to bring cohesion and credibility to the field. ISSP fills this gap by creating a space for professionals to sharpen their skills and learn from one another, helping all of us become more effective at finding solutions for our companies and clients."
- Joel Makower, Executive Editor,

"At ISSP, we ought to welcome artists and activists and academics of all sorts. Let's not become exclusive: I am one and you’re not; you must have certain credentials. We still don’t know what sustainability is. None of us have ever lived in modern industrial sustainable society. Let's have some humility. Welcome anyone with good ideas."
- Hunter Lovins, co-author of Natural Capitalism

To register for membership visit the web site at and joins hundreds of professionals from around the world.

Annual dues are $150; $75 for full time students.

International Society of Sustainability Professionals logo

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals is a professional association created to serve members of the sustainability profession. Our mission is three fold:

  • To connect professionals from around the world
  • To create and maintain a repository of peer reviewed materials, tools and white papers
  • To provide professional develop for both the individual members and the profession as a whole

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