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Holyoke and Houdini Meet Again

Holyoke and Houdini Meet Again

Published 10-03-08

Submitted by Sid Radner Museum

Holyoke, MA - October 6, 2008 - Elizabeth Dobrska, a Holyoke resident and student at Mount Holyoke College announced today that she is founding a museum entitled the Sid Radner Museum of Houdini & Holyoke. Ms. Dobrska plans on locating the museum on High Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.The museum is being incubated by the Gasoline Alley Foundation, Springfield MA.

Sidney Radner, a Holyoke resident and global expert of Houdini, magic and gambling, has agreed to loan materials from his renowned collection of Houdini artifacts as well as his collection of personal and Holyoke memorabilia.

Radner and Dobrska are both Holyoke enthusiasts and have been inspired by the impending renaissance in downtown Holyoke. Together they are bridging the multi-generational gap that separates them to create something that people of all ages can enjoy. The museum will be a non-profit entity and will center around edutainment. It will educate about Holyoke's rich past, specifically in the entertainment sector, through focusing on Houdini and recollections from Mr. Radner.

"What is the mysterious link between Holyoke and Houdini? Not only did the greatest collector of Houdini memorabilia and protégé to Houdini's brother, Hardeen, grow up and live in Holyoke (Radner), but Harry Houdini performed his first jailbreak right here in Holyoke," says Ms. Dobrska. The museum hopes to celebrate fascinating forgotten facts about Holyoke history.

The entertainment aspect of the museum will feature a mini movie theater with film screenings of Houdini's performances and interviews with Mr. Radner. Weekly magic shows, masquerades and film screenings will entertain children and adults alike.

Among those interested in working with the museum is local entrepreneur, Brendan Ciecko of Ten Minute Media. Ciecko will be branding the Museum and be responsible for creating its online presence. Elizabeth Dobrska has been working closely with Joe Sibilia and the Gasoline Alley Foundation, both have generously offered their time and resources to help this project get on its feet. The museum is set to open sometime in 2009 and is currently looking for donations and

Sid Radner Museum

Sid Radner Museum

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