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Kaleidoscope Futures is a think-tank, education and media company founded in Cambridge, UK, and focused on promoting a better and brighter future. Our aim is to help organizations and individuals to strengthen the breakthrough movement for thriving, to regenerate nature, society and economy.

    Lessons in THRIVING: Key Takeaways From the New Breakthrough Book Image



    Lessons in THRIVING: Key Takeaways From the New Breakthrough Book

    The future will be better than you think – and the reason is that there is a breakthrough movement to regenerate nature, society and the economy, and it’s gathering momentum. I call it THRIVING and I tell the story of this revolution in this article.
    The Shadow of War: A Reflection on Leadership and Systems Change Image



    The Shadow of War: A Reflection on Leadership and Systems Change

    Given the dangerous and deadly crisis that is unfolding with Russia's invasion of the Ukraine, I want to share some reflections on leadership and systems change.
    Understanding Inclusive Value Image



    Understanding Inclusive Value

    A new concept of value shined a spotlight on the value that economic inclusion of low-income markets represents. This was described by strategy professors C.K. Prahalad and Stuart Hart as the opportunities at the bottom or base of the pyramid (BOP).
    Understanding Blended Value Image



    Understanding Blended Value

    Another thought-leader in redefining value is Jed Emerson. In 2000, grounded the emergent field of impact investing, he introduced “blended value” – value that is a blend of economic, environmental and social factors, where maximising value requires taking all three elements into account.
    Understanding Triple-Bottom-Line Value Image



    Understanding Triple-Bottom-Line Value

    The late eighties and early nineties were a watershed period for our global society. While neoliberal, free-market disciples continued to push hard for globalisation of tariff-free trade and unrestricted flows of financial capital, the environmental, human rights and social responsibility movements ...
    Understanding Multi-capital Value Image



    Understanding Multi-capital Value

    In reaction to shareholder value and inspired by the social, environmental and stakeholder movements, the 1990s saw the emergence of “new economics” - and broadening financial capital to include other capitals, like natural, social and human capital.
    Reasons to Be Hopeful About Climate Action After COP26 Image



    Reasons to Be Hopeful About Climate Action After COP26

    On the face of it, COP26 has failed, with the world still heading for 2.4C warming. So why am I hopeful? The decarbonisation of our global society and economy has become inevitable and unstoppable. And COP26 has indisputably accelerated the pace.
    Understanding Stakeholder Value Image



    Understanding Stakeholder Value

    In reaction to the prevailing shareholder value logic – and especially the idea that companies have a legal, fiduciary duty to place their needs above all others – the concept and practice of stakeholder value emerged in 1984. This article looks at its evolution over the ensuing decades.
    Understanding Shareholder Value Image



    Understanding Shareholder Value

    The shareholder value doctrine suggests that companies and their managers should only do something that’s good for society when it is simultaneously and demonstrably good for business. This belief is increasingly being questioned and challenged.
    Understanding Subsistence Value Image



    Understanding Subsistence Value

    Our understanding of value creation in society, especially by business, must begin by understanding subsistence value. This is the first in the Evolution of Value article series by Prof. dr Wayne Visser
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