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Our mission at The Top Coins is to direct you to the top places to store, trade and mine cryptocurrency. We have compiled featured lists to assist you in this mission of finding the best of the best in the cryptocurrency world. The Top Coins is the best place get the lowdown on cryptocurrency and find resources to begin your journey to understand crucial cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts.

About Us

The Top Coins are a team of passionate Cryptocurrency experts who have come together to create the best international cryptocurrency market data provider. Founded in 2020, we strive to provide strong and succinct information on the cryptocurrency world. We guarantee a clinical and unrivalled range, scope, and depth of data to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency asset and traditional financial markets.

Whether you are an institutional or retail investor, we give you access to real-time, high-quality and consistently reliable market and pricing data on 5,300+ coins and 240,000+ currency pairs. We have a detailed and complete overview of the market that is achieved by accumulating and studying tick data from internationally known exchanges, and flawlessly integrating different datasets in the cryptocurrency price. Thus, on a basic level, The Top Coins produce data. Data that reaches far and beyond the usual cryptocurrency data found on the internet. This means you have data on cryptocurrency trade, order books, blockchains, historical and social practices, reports and a suite of cryptocurrency directories at the tip of you fingers.

At The Top Coins, we are dedicated to our mission of providing clinical knowledge and helping you navigate the cryptocurrency world. Thus, we deliver on scope and integrity of data. Our constant investment in our technology and API safeguards our infrastructure ensuring both retail and institutional investors can securely access data for their investment portfolios. Our observance of the strictest standards ensures a robust infrastructure protects data integrity. We consistently review crypto exchanges, monitor for market abuse and include regional anomalies and geographical movements in our data. By standardising global sources, we guarantee your confident navigation of the cryptocurrency market.

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    The Top Coins

    Crypto gives back. With the help of The People’s Reserve in collaboration with Reno Crew and The Top Coins, housing projects in Australia are well underway backed by crypto financing.
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