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Listen Up: 52 Reasons for Hope in the Fight to Save Humanity

Submitted by: Tom Idle

Posted: Feb 12, 2016 – 06:00 AM EST

Tags: sustainability, business, entrepreneurship, innovation


It’s been eleven years since I began writing about the business of sustainability. And, of course, in that time everything has changed. The world has a global deal to tackle climate change; CEO’s are thinking beyond their five-year tenures. We have new business models that favour the leasing and sharing of goods and services. We have enlightened businesses aiming to be ‘net positive’ or ‘circular’. Some of them are even putting a cash value on natural assets.

But during this past decade, nothing has changed, too. And the pace of transition to much more socially, economically and environmentally positive ways of doing business has left me largely frustrated.

An overflowing pool of evidence points to the fact that being a positive and responsible company is a good thing and will sustain economic growth and social wellbeing in the long-term. But it is not always easy, I get that. Often, company execs are being asked to take a huge leap of faith in developing scary new ways of doing things – ‘scary’ because there are often no reference points or previously trodden paths to greatness.

As a guide and a support, I’ve created The Better Business Show - my new weekly podcast. The first three episodes are up now on iTunes, where you can also subscribe.

Rien Otto, my guest in episode 3 of the Better Business Show, declares: what the world really needs is ‘less talk, more action’.

While my new podcast is going to struggle to get over former (‘talking’ being essentially what it is), I hope the latter will be more than catered to by the examples neatly packaged up in each 25-minute show.

To make sustainable business growth – which has long- term, purpose-led values at its core – seem that much less scary, the Better Business Show is here to help.

Shining a light on the very best start-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators – as well as the most progressive corporates – and exploring how and why they have found exciting new ways of doing things, the show will be stuffed full of insight, inspiration and hope for organisations that truly want to create positive change in the world.

  • INSIGHT - We’ll be scanning the planet (our first 3 episodes alone visit London, the Netherlands and Ghana) to talk to the founders and CEOs leading the charge – to find out what makes them tick and how they plan to shake-up their respective industries;

  • INSPIRATION - By learning about the challenges, considerations and successes of others, each show will leave you inspired to take new ideas back to your own organisation;

  • HOPE - Ultimately, the 52 examples we will broadcast this year will give you hope – hope that sustainable business models, products and services do work; hope that they can be applied to your own organisation; and hope that, despite how big, and fat, and scary it might seem, there is a better way.

So, what are you waiting for - dive into episode 1 right now, in which I introduce the show and, among other things, bang the drum for how great podcasts are and why you should think that too, and take it from there.

Happy listening. And if you like what you hear, share, subscribe, and share again.

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